Buy VPTCL,Ufone,wared,Jazz ,Telenor cards through PayPal

Every one know that you cann't use your PayPal money in Pakistan.But you can buy VPTCL cards and other Mobile Scratch Cards easily.

You can buy

VPTCL cards









You can also buy through your Moneybookers,Liberty Reserve,AlertPay,Egold Etc

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Buy Cards in Pakistan through PayPal


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^dude no paypal in pakistan

We can easily get balance recharge cards from any nearby shop (or even through sms), why should we even think about buying through paypal?

Seriously that is a BAD're complicating the simplest things.

PayPal + Pakistan + Pakistani Pre-Paid Cellular Cards ---> Not going to work.

its like touching your ear from the other hand ;)


Nah, touching an ear from the other hand is easy, it's like touching your ear from your foot.

Basically I think concept is that, there are many people in pakistan who have paypal account and earn through internet, while PTC, PPC, Affiliate Programs, Web Designing, Programing, writing bla bla.. But they can't bring that money to pakistan. So they can pay this guy here through Paypal Transfer and he can recharge for them (you can sell same to the Shop keepers who do topups...)

Ps: Thats only my guess, i don't know what actually this guy does.


you are absolutely right

i am also the one of that person of which you are talking about,

I also buy prepaid cards from internet even i pay more than normal but still i feel more cheaper then normal :)

i usually use skype to call local Pakistanis or friends abroad but this idea of selling card with paypal is worst bussiness package , first of all its like bit illegal and secondly many few if i am not wrong i think only 1-2 thousand people in Pakistan will have paypal . :)

:) i think no one asked about the rates from the thread starter ! those must b more than the face value of the card , bcz one may get some points / buks in the paypal by clicking ads / banners etc and have amount in the paypal account , but he may b unable to utilize the same , and if thread starter is giving the opp to the public so i think there is nothing wrong in that , those want to buy (thos ehave some buks in their paypal account and they dont know how to use and where to use as to encash the paypal in pak is about impossible) should contact the thread starter !

There are allot of users who want to buy cards from there PayPal money, but they cann't buy.

there for i make this step to help my Pakistanis friends.