Buy Cheap Rapidshare Accounts


I have many Rapidshare accounts available at cheap price. If anyone is interested in buying do email me at




Are you a genuine reseller or not?

I am reporting to mods.

buy sell categories is used for these activities. Is there any problem with my thread????

^but selling illegal or hacked stuff is not allowed here

another guy trying to sell hacked rapidshare accounts Mods Alert

Please put all details pertaining to your offer in your first post. If the details are still missing by tomorrow, you will be banned for fraudulent activities.

asadkhan2k u accept paypal or moneybookers i wanna buy 1 month account..

Rules have been updated with regards to selling of RapidShare accounts. These have been found to be illegal most of the times and at the end of the deal, it is the member who buys these accounts who suffers.

Consequently, selling of RapidShare accounts on WP has been banned for the foreseeable future. It is recommended that members take a look at the modified rules to acquaint themselves with the changes.