Burned Ps2 game on DVD bad?

Hi guys, i went to a shopkeepr who sells Ps2 games and he was of the opinion that one should not burn ps2 games on Dvd's and play them as they are bad for the lens of the Ps2 instead only buy the 'golden' malaysian dvd titles..

is that true?

^ nah it aint true what the shopkeeper told u not to do is infact what is done to pirate games

i do it all the time and have had no problem so far and i have been using my ps2 for over 4 years and have never had it fixed

^yeah exactly nothing happens. even many shopkeepers sell pirated games on self burned dvd's.

BS to sell his own stuff!

i write on Sony DVD-R and they are more reliable than Malaysian discs

Phew! thanks guys , you da best! that guy scared the pants of me saying that if i use any other dvd besides the "Golden dvd's" malaysian games it is bad for the Ps2 lens, he was of the opinion that they are wobbly and when spinning in the Ps2 they sorta bonk/ touch/graze the lens from time to time thus destroying the lens..

further more are there 2 makes of the Sony DvD-R? Taiwan and China? the one in standard fat cover is Taiwanese and the Slim cover one is Chinese if so will it make any difference which DvD-R i use to burn / play my games on PS2?


i use the ones that come in jewel case (the fat cover) they work flawlessly

the same DVD that is in the jewel case also come in cakes of 10 and 25 which costs you less as opposed to buying the jewel case and the quality of the disc inside is same

you can get 10 DVD cake for 300 rs (costs same on galaxy, used to be 250 few days ago :mad:) whereas 10 individual jewel case would cost you around rs 400-500

picture of that spindle i am talking about:


btw use dvd decrypter to write and select minimum as writing speed

and i meant DVD-R not DVD-RW in this post: http://www.wiredpakistan.com/forums/viewtopic.php?pid=51513#p51513

that guy was maybe talking about cherry DVD-Rs yes cherry DVD-Rs are crappy but it wont create so many problems until there is a defect in a DVD-R

ok thanks:) i have downloaded Guilty Gear Accent core and Soul Caliber III, Neo Contra, Contra Shattered Soldier,Marvel vs Capcom II, Snk Vs Capcom and plan to burn them on DvD but should i go for +R or -R? or just simply buy the Sony DvD Jewel / Fat case? and another issue is that the torrent i downloaded has a big RAR file and a small .MDS file now how do i burn that on DvD? do i need to unrar it?


And here is list / rating of DvD manufacturers:

DVD Media ID Quick list:









detailed list is available on this url:


and entire review is on this url, it is broken down in several section so scroll down a bit.


i have been doing some searching regarding which is recommended DvD for burning PS2 games and Verbatim's name is popping up quite a bit..

Sony just works Fine and is easily available in Pakistan!

DVD-R works perfect! get a 10 DVD cake of it and enjoy! it will cost you less too

ok also i have downloaded dvd identifier it shows the actual DvD manufacturer so if shop keeper says something you can check to be on the safe side.


plus can you help me regarding the .MDS file burning of PS2 game?


you dont need to burn the mds file !!! the mds is to verify the rar file

just unrar the rar file and it will give you a iso file (or some other image format - google)

just open the iso file in dvd decrypter and burn it!

Are you talking about MD5 (md-five) or MDS (md-ess)?

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^ nah it aint true what the shopkeeper told u not to do is infact what is done to pirate games

i do it all the time and have had no problem so far and i have been using my ps2 for over 4 years and have never had it fixed


You still play ps2…lJus kiddin i love ma ps2 Tekken5 prince of persia rock hard man

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Are you talking about MD5 (md-five) or MDS (md-ess)?

Nope MDS for example , have downloaded Guilty Gear XX Accent Core so in the folder there are two files:



but SaadIbrahim is correct i just clicked on the RAR file and winrar opened it and voila it has and iso file in it :)


Well i do have Prince of Persia warrior within and i think another title the two thrones but light i coming and going so that spoils the mood and its not like one can save at any given moment…

Also its not a good idea placing stickers on the DVD to write on as it disbalances it and makes it wobble, the shopkeeper was right to a certain extent , if one uses Class A DvD to burn it isnt a problem also reason why golden DvD’s are good is because they have good reflective properties for the laser to work with.

Secondly Sony DvD is of two make Malaysia and Taiwan the Taiwan make is Class A and Malaysia make is Class B and DvD-R is Official format sanctioned by the DvD Forum whereas the DvD+R is made by the RW alliance (group of companies who formed an alliance as they did not want to pay royalties hence made their own brand) and as Sony is all about Official things i’d say the Playstation would prefer the DvD-R DvD’s

saad what software you use for burning dvd's currently i m using nero lite and its good, its just not "good"

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saad what software you use for burning dvd’s currently i m using nero lite and its good, its just not “good”

depends on the purpose but for writing DVDs (playstation and others) i am using dvd decrypter , i sometimes use alcohol and sometimes cdburner XP