Broadband in Jhelum

Assalamu 'alaikum

Can anyone recommend a broadband provider in Jhelum?

I am currently with Yateem but they have really sucked this month.

1) They charged me at the end of last billing month for going over my allowance (no problem there) but then deducted it from my new billing month too. Double whammy.

2) They switched me to unlimited, and left me to download and then charged me 25rps per 100mb as unlimited doesn't start until next billing month (6th of the month). Of course no-one bothered telling me and it is my fault for not finding out!

3) I only get contact from them if I threaten to cancel my account

4) The haven't offered me any sort of resolution, it is quite simply - lump it mate, tough, that is the way we work.

A decent company would have offered a deduction off next month's fees or something even if their system won't allow changes for the current month. They quite simply are not interested in keeping my custom and didn't offer me a thing.

Any alternatives? I am in the Bilal Town/Kacheri area

Why don't you try PTCL or Linkdotnet DSL?

I did a search before posting (aren't I clever!) and I saw that you had some issues with LDN - right?

^lol you searching my posts.

My area is not near to exchange + PTCL media in my area is of poor quality and we are still waiting for promised ONU from ptcl.

You may try PTCL, as I think in Bilal Town the media is not bad.

yo get LDN

i am one satisfied customer of both LDN + PTCL

PTCL's customer support sux so try LDN......

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I am currently with Yateem.

Is’nt that Wateen?

PTCL has a better speed than LDN, LDN's service is mostly down

that's why I switched over from LDN to PTCL

I think in your area cable net is also there. May be imran from bismillah market provides this service but not sure.

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Is’nt that Wateen?


It is, but we call them Yateem out of love :P

Who is giving you up 20mbps connection in wah cant? I mean who's your internet provider?