Bravo! PTCL back to normal

Torrents are giving 170-200kbs/s again on my 2mb connection...

i never had any problems to begin with :)

not 100% yet because still i am getting higher pings from american germany webs :(.

Actually,there was this torrent..One specific peer from Sweden was uploading at 150kbs/s+...Other torrents are not doing very well..

I think they have went on back up satellite etc. Since last night getting full speeds.

I think they are routing the traffic from Singapore.

update: This peer from Sweden was uploading bulk of the file which I was talking about..Now the torrent download speeds are not very good..

Private tracker was giving full speeds now, a torrent from a public tracker isnt though that might be due the seeders. Checking again

A hell no @ topic from my end. Im taking a zero browsing / zero download beating.

I have using world call whose downloading speed is 12KB to 18KB(boooooring).Worldcall wirless speed is 115Kbps.

I want to use Ptcl broadband 512Kbps with student package but when i enter student package,there is only one universty in universty tab that is virtual universty.

I study in Allama Iqbal Open Universty.I live in Khushab.

Please send email to my email adress.My email adress is

Please send email about above problem.

@ Asghar Ali

Dude, the only thing you're gonna get in your inbox is SPAM! for mentioning your email address directly on a public forum.

Now to your problem, try accessing PTCL's website on a different browser/connection. PTCL's site starts acting crazy when i try it in opera. Apparently their javascript etc dont work well in Opera. You MIGHT be able see a big list of universities in a 'compatible' browser.

BTW, i too am a University student, but i didn't go for the student pacakge because of teh hassle of getting application approved and sh1t. 200-300 rs extra aren't worth the hassle. Another friend appleid for student pacakge, he's still waiting over 4,5 days have passed since he applied. I, on the other hand got my 'regular package' connection on the 3rd/4th day of my request for registration.