Brand new Acer 4710 laptop for sale. Box still SEALED.!

I have a brand new laptop ACER 4710 for sale.. Its still in the box and the SEAL of the box is still intact. It has not been opened yet.

the specifications are..


* Built-in Devices Stereo speakers , Wireless LAN

* Width 13.5 in

* Depth 9.7 in

* Height 1.7 in

* Weight 5.7 lbs

* Color Black/light gray

* Localization United States

* Notebook type Budget, Thin-and-light (4-6 lbs.)

* Screen type Wide-screen

* Wireless capabilities 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g


* Processor Intel Pentium Dual Core T2080 / 2.0 GHz

* Multi-Core processor technology Dual-Core

* Data bus speed 533 MHz

Cache Memory

* Type L2 cache

* Cache size 1 MB


* Installed Size 1 GB

* Technology DDR2 SDRAM - 667 MHz

* RAM configuration features 2 x 512 MB

Storage Controller

* Storage controller type Serial ATA

* Storage Controller / Serial ATA Interface Serial ATA-150


* Floppy Drive None

* Hard Drive 80 GB - Serial ATA-150

* Storage Removable None

Optical Storage

* Type DVD-RW

Card Reader

* Card reader type 5 in 1 card reader

* Supported flash memory cards Memory Stick , MultiMediaCard , SD Memory Card , XD-Picture Card , Memory Stick Pro


* Display Type 14.1 in TFT active matrix

* Max Resolution 1280 x 800 ( WXGA )

* Widescreen Display Yes

* Color Support 24-bit (16.7 million colors)


* Graphics Processor / Vendor Intel GMA 950 Dynamic Video Memory Technology 3.0 - 128 Mb


* Audio output type Sound card

* Audio Input Microphone

Input Device(s)

* Input device type Keyboard , Touchpad , 4-way scroll button.

The box has not been opened yet. My asking price is Rs. 50,000 (slightly negotiable). I need to sell it asap. contact me via email or phone.. waiting..!!

I am located in karachi. and i can only deal with people who r situated in karachi as i cannot ship it to some other place.



Phone: 03452928674


wanna see the pictures of the box , and why are you selling it if u havnt opened the seal yet ????

It is quite an old model , not available in the market now a days , from where you got it SEALED PACK ??????? Suspected piece !!!

This is the review of Acer 4710 at the acer website , it will help you people to decide either it suites to you or not.

The good:

Very low price; dual-core processor; full feature set, including an ExpressCard slot and S/PDIF audio-out jack; comfortable keyboard; easy-to-use system management software.

The bad:

Slow performance on outdated components; display wobbles easily; glossy screen finish results in distracting reflections; lacks external media controls.

The bottom line:

We recommend the Acer Aspire 4710 for home users who want a low-cost laptop for basic computing tasks

no no not at all suspected.. i got it from sum where to sell it off.. ill upload the pics of the box asap..

this 1 is customized.. the original acer 4710 is 1.73 GHz.. this 1 is 2.0 Ghz... and the HDD is 80 gb..

it is a pretty slick machine for home users no doubt.. i saw 1 opened today used it for a bit too.. had no issues wid it..

and im selling it bcuz im trying to get into this business.. if i get a good deal on this. ill get more laptops to sell.. :D

brother in market this laptop is priced around 42k check this

so you have to make your demand a bit low

Thats what i am saying that he is asking too much and selling the out of demand piece

fine if u realli r interested and serius about it.. call me up or contact me wateva...

we'll work it out.. i did say it is negotiable ryt..

i just checked out the CNET review of the laptop..

acer 4710 wid 1.73 GHz dual core is costing for $599..

which sums up to be. Rs 47920 if u take the rate as 80...

any how.. the price is negotiable YES... sum one realli interested.. contact me!

Here are the pics of the box!

It's a good entry-level laptop.

But here is the major problem. The laptop sold in USA has 3 year warranty. The laptop sold in shops of Pakistan has 10 months warranty. That's why they charge more.

Your laptop does not has Pakistani warranty. International warranty is useless.

Just to inform you, around 8+ months back, I bought HP dual processor wide-screen laptop (unpacked box with all original Windows and manuals) from a shop in Saddar Rawalpindi for Rs. 36,000. Why that low price? Because it had no Pakistani warranty.

Sorry to say, but you can't sell on the price of USA or Pakistani-shop price because you don't have Pakistani warranty.

The company which am dealing wid is giving a years warranty. IN PAKISTAN. their shop is located at khayaban-e-rahat. i can guarantee it. i can even show the place to the person buying it from me.

i am ready to negotiate.. if sum1 cums up wid a proper offer.

[quote=", post:, topic:"]

The company which am dealing wid is giving a years warranty. IN PAKISTAN. their shop is located at khayaban-e-rahat. i can guarantee it. i can even show the place to the person buying it from me.

That will solve the warranty issue.