Borrowed a car to play golf and won car worth 1.9 Million


KARACHI: A golfer from Lahore, Aashir Hanif, who came to play golf in Karachi after borrowing some money won a car worth worth Rs1.9 million in his first entry into the tournament.

Aashir, resident of Mir Upperpind in Lahore, participated in the CNS Golf Championship being held in Karachi.

He achieved a the feat in Hole-in-One of the professional event and won the car of Rs1.9 million.

Aashir is performing his duties to meet economic challenges being faced by his family and also playing the game of golf.

He has no regular job but he trains youth in the game of golf as a part-time job.

His father retired from Railways and all his family’s responsibilities are on his shoulders.

I think its his luck.

nups its his hardwork and skill ....

^there could a big debate in it "hardwork or luck"? and I know most of you will prefer the hardwork over the luck.

but I really dont. infact I think it is just an appreciation for some one not to be discouraged.

what I really think is "your Luck leads you to do hardwork for any thing" you can not do even hardwork if it is not in your Luck.

but I also have faith in it that the Luck is the thing you can change your self by praying to Allah and your commitment to the target you want in your life.

and you will not disagree that hardwork is not the only way you achieve the top. and the realistic example of this is when you say that person has got the job who even is not capable of that job and I who struggled for it and have skills for it too, didn't get it.

and a bigger ratio is also of the persons who do not work harder and achieve what they even didn't think about that. that is luck man :)

this is the stage when you commit your self to change your Luck and decide to achieve that target or even bigger than it in any way and you do not just give up.

that is why if one really wish for some thing in life then he shouldn't just think that if that would be in his Luck it will be with him.

he should know it if he need and wish for a meal to eat then he has to get ahead and eat it with his hands. the meal is not gonna be in his stomach. but this also shows that this meal was in his Luck.

P.S. I also believe that the Change of your Luck is also in your Luck. Allah knows that you will change your luck and it itself is in your luck

Actually the way of achievement is in your luck. and the achievement itself is in your luck. either that would be via hardwork or without hardwork.

Always be committed to your targets and do not loose hope. this is the work what I say is harder than any thing.