Boot Windows xp partition

So here im with another problem. I have a windows xp. I downloaded the ubuntu from the internet and extracted the iso file in my D:/ drive. So the problem is that i want to install ubuntu. ALl i want is to boot drive D so it can install ubuntu. Is there anyway I can boot my D drive for installation. Well I want to do this because I dont have CD DVD Writable drive, I have a freind who has it but I dont have usb either from where I can copy and give him the usb file so that he can write iit on cd/dvd. Anyways any help?

any ideas?

why not make an ISO

it is iso. But i need to install it yaar. but i dont have cd/dvd RW drive. I have extracred the cd packege in d drive. is there any way i can boot my drive D just like we boot Cds

u cant do that

as far as i think

Really :(

Ahh Im dead. Ab kiya keru ?

you can try to boot off a virtually mounted cd-drive, if that is possible. You can mount the download .iso with a program like MagicDisc.

This will be possible if you can select the virtual drive in your BIOS as boot media...

OH, I also forgot...Ubuntu can also be installed with WUBI-installer, so maybe you don't need to boot off the virtual drive! See this:

"If you have already downloaded the ISO file, place the ISO in the same directory as Wubi.exe. "

Can you post more info. I dont know what are you telling me to do...

And i cant install from xo. Wubi.exe gives me error that widows has some problem, close this programm

hey finally i m0unted da image on my cd. but whats tha problem im facing now, ubuntu 8.10 instaled succefully. but after instalation completes and it tels me to rebot. i rebot. after enterin my username and pasword. there comes a black screen with whyte blinkin cursor.

help me please. i have tried instaling 3 times. same problem. help help help

what are u talking about? did u mount the ISO on virtual drive?

virtual drive is only accessible from within the Operating System.

if you mounted the image on virtual drive in windows. it will not be accessible from outside of it.

how the installation was successfully? and how much time did it take to install successfully?

after an unsuccessfull reboot with blinking cursor, how did you manage to boot your windows and tried to install ubuntu 3 times?

if you did it with wubi.exe, then you are not supposed to mount the ISO image on any drive. as I know wubi utitily directly works with ISO image keeping in a same folder. read the above article to use it

however I never used it any way. but as per the article there is no need to mount ISO. if am not wrong....

hey bellskar,

Thanks for the quick reply. Anyways What i did is that downloadd the ubuntu package from the site then burn the image on a cd, Booted the cd and then installed suceefully, But after installation when it comes the user name location, I entered the password and screen went black. Anywways I found the answer on internet after searchin like hell. But finally im using ubuntu linux for the first time :) anyways nowa nother problem yaar. My wireless network is working and linux says " it is now connected to Wireless network with strength 80%' but when i browse ... browsing is not working. I cant renew ip or flash dns. IS there anything in ubuntu that i can reflash or renew ips??? Like i used to do in windows with cmd ipconfig command????

Still my wireless is not working on ubuntu, All I can do is just see my wireless network is available and it doesnt connects to it. Using Zong on my ubuntu!! Thinkin of switching to XP again :(

why dont you try ubuntu forums. you might get more help there. you might need help in network settings.

keep in mind that if you go for some thing there could be difficulties to face in start.

Im ubuntu forums from last night. Everybody is telling me to update ubuntu to fix this bug. Updates are 300 MB, Do you really think so i can download 30 MB on my ZOng ?? Hell no man. I know hooooooow the hell im browsing with zong.

^ Satan2204 check this out

as for ur WLAN issues please mention which version of ubuntu you are using

^me....??? :/

I think you were gonna call satan22o4. don't u? :)

you must help him in his regard. he's got some issue about WLAN. I think not on mobile internet.

^ oh yeah lol my mistake

no. probs. :)

Switched back to xp. I jate Ubuntu, I hate linux :( #$!#@$!@#