Bomb In Our School!


Well there was a bomb today in our e9 PAF Islamabad school , there was a great panic !! We were sitting and during the lecture the bell struck for a very long time , our teacher ran out to check whats happening , okay so we were told to go outside by our lecturer because he told us that we were going to see a hockey match , It was all well and fine ... the headmistress came just then and we asked her are we going to take our bags with us ? And the reaction was ... well "Bag ko choro and dafa ho jaao yahaan se , jaan kee parwa hai tumhain ya naheen ?" ...

From there on I knew something was wrong, as an earthquake just struck the previous day , so I think there is an earthquake strike here too BUT I COULDNT FEEL IT AND NO ONE COULD PREDICT WHETHER AN EARTHQUAKE WAS GONNA COME OR NOT , so I just did as the headmistress told us . She was full of sweat and the principal was running here and there . Okay by time we got down , only half of the school was in the ground , students didnt know a thing what was happening including me , there were rumors of fire , earthquake and many things else , so finally after a very long time an announcement was made that there is bomb in school as a phone call threat has been given to our school .... although it had been given many times before it was told that the MAN behind this gave us a time to run , so there it was , PANIC PANIC PANIC , students running out of school . It was a drastic scene . So we got out of the school's back gate , parents started coming to pick up their children , tears were there . Not to mention some shugaly students including me were like "jeeya bhutto , jeeya bhutto!!" Well that part is aside but we were really afraid . Okay next we went for the school's front gate and there were airforce police , anti bomb squads , anti terrorist squads , ambulances and maybe the chief of the air staff or the vice chief of air staff. The principal was so worried along with the teachers and some high rank staff of the PAF . Our bags were in and for some reason they werent letting the female students go, they werent letting us go too as the bomb could explode outside the school but somehow we did . Anyways we waited for several hours , then


One thing was confirmed by many many many people including the senior airforce officer staff and teachers that there was a bomb ,at the end they changed their statements and told us it was nothing . Well I think that there was a bomb in there IN REAL as some guys told me that it was found outside principal's office and some say in the class of second year . Drills ? Well I certainly think that drills arent of that type coz parents were crying and security officers with loud speakers were there along with the previously mentioned units .


if it was a bomb you'd be dead and it'd be all over the news. i think it was just a hoax, happens all the time. happened in my school (beaconhouse) about 3 times


Dunno , but the bomb disposal squad did get something , werent telling us due to SO CALLED TERROR BAH!!


It isnt like that anyway , people are briefed first and THREATS HAVE ALREADY been given to armed forces school so maybe it was in real .


Wow. Glad it wasn't anything in the end - or if it was, it was diffused or whatever. This stresses the need for a proper programme for situations like these where we have to evacuate a building quick - drills, lectures, etc.


And still some people were going crazy saying "Jeyay Bhutto"!? The world is crazy!


Thanks for that news tidbit dawg. Very illuminating.

There is no freakin planning anywhere, at any level of

any... thing, really in this country.

In the west they don't have any real, or immidiate threat

of disaster, yet they still have regular, planned drills for

students in schools to get used to the idea... of having

to evacuate in a calm, orderly and brisk manner. Bells go

off and students take designated routes, marked clearly

by color-coded tapes out to safety. In an emergency

situation, they all know what to do. It becomes second

nature for them.

If I were the karta-dharta, I would fire that headmistress

in a NY second. Instead of sweating bullets when it could

be too late, she should be planning ahead for such things.

The climate of this country has changed drastically and I

fear we are all sitting on our fat asses, instead of preparing

ourselves to avert minor threats from turning into major





Sheikh 'Forewarned is Forearmed' Chilli


COngratulations , u r still alive !


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If I were the karta-dharta, I would fire that headmistress

in a NY second. Instead of sweating bullets when it could

be too late, she should be planning ahead for such things.


For sure - and then she takes out her frustration on the students, who have no clue what’s going on!


^^Yup i agree!. well in our school (City) I remember having such drills but they were too rare


too many bombs in our school and they are very beautiful bombs


How can a bomb be beautiful ??????


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too many bombs in our school and they are very beautiful bombs

Bhai sahab, you should be on guard, kahi aisa na ho keh beautiful bombs main masroof hon aur real artificial bomb kahi se phat pare.


so how many children came to school the next day after the bomb threat?


^and how many parents :D