Blue Screen of Death---Prank/Joke Screensaver

Blue Screen of Death---Prank/Joke Screensaver


This Screensaver is for fun, and will NOT harm your computer! Simply press Escape to exit.

It will generate a random (but real) reason your computer bluescreened, and you can set it to come on just like any other screensaver!


Like it? Let me know.... :)

^ :D :D :D

Might give few people heart-attacks :D :D :D

Excellent was just looking for this!

thank you for sharing...


after installing i am unable to see it in my winxp screensaver list

PS: for those who don't know, Microsoft released this screensaver (if it's the same one that I have - with the XP logo booting, and the BSOD popping up, and restarting)