Bloom Box. Future or Hype?


you are right that this would be one of the brilliant ways to produce electricity and I really have NO-DOUBT about it. And I already said that. and are absolutely right about Coal reserves I am favour it as well but I'll write below what I think why they don't go this way.

It's just a bit off-topic But what I don't believe is the following, and that's why I really don't have much hope from our politicians that they will facilitate us. but I do hope personally to Allah that He really will, Inshallah.

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Moreover, Pakistani government is trying to coup a little bit by using expensive rental power plants to produce some extra electricity. It shows the some people in government are trying to do something (whether they have kick-backs is another debate).

You know? that the Rental Power Plants is the most expensive way to achieve the electricity, which in my opinion was exactly not needed to go for these projects. as it is not even able to produce electricity to fulfill the demand. beyond that, what do you think why the Government is pushing to go for that? because this is the most profitable project for the Government to get money from both sides from the Foreign Investors(these projects are pursuant to International Competitive Bidding) and from the nation as well. because we aren't going to get the electricity at lower prices in any and you know that.

And this is what I think they wont go to use any way e.g. the Coal reserves, or these Bloom Boxes, using which they don't get any easy reasons to extract money from our pockets. and this is why are pretty slow on it. I am sorry about that :/

btw I mentioned a link in the thread containing a detailed list of the dead projects, Not dead actually they are alive but not in use because they don't get paid by the Government continuously.

Question is there.... Where the hell our taxes go? Where the hell the extra money goes we pay for every thing?

you can also see and compare the production capacity of others projects and the Rental Power Plants at that page.

They are not to help us, but themselves. I wish and prey that all the things go well.

By the way I also have heard a lot about banning Coal-Fired Power Generation worldwide because of environmental impacts. and I am afraid that our Coal Reserves will be wasted unused. not sure about this though.

May be the thought above is not absolutely correct to every body but that is what just I think. but really wish and hope that sooner or later we'll get a better life. :)

I think the applications in warfare is limitless. Just imagine:

.They could use this to replace some components in a tank and remove some of the heavy radiators installed in a tank.

.Built in AC tents.

.Toughbooks with longer battery life.

.It could be used as small bomb... lighter anyone!!!!

Why is it called bloom box? Does it come with flowers?

Better than calling it boom box eh? We have too many things going boom as it is in our country.

It's 2012.

Still no mass production? :(

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It’s 2012.

Still no mass production? :(


The oil hasn’t ended yet…

BTW we shouldn’t even bother we things like these… we already are living partially in stone ages. When the oil ends, we will go full time ‘stone agers’.

I think the use of bloom box isn't opening up because oil indrustialists don't own it.

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It’s 2012.

Still no mass production? :(


As of now, they haven’t yet started mass production for common people. They are still dealing with large corporates and governments. Probably, if our federal government, or provisional government, or even local government, or even some housing society contacts (Bahria Town?!) then they probably install bloom-boxes in Pakistan. But I don’t think it will happen any time soon because they might not give any kick-backs.

Remember that as of now, bloom-box consume natural gas (Sui Gas) but consumes only half of the natural gas to produce same amount of electricity that our current gas-powered IPPs do. Just imagine, a Pakistan without load-shedding because we can produce twice the amount of electricity with our current natural gas. But I don’t think it is ever going to happen in Pakistan.

No kick-backs, no development.