Blogger Refresh Issues

Has anyone else had issues with blogger not refreshing to new posts, I'v had an issue with it for over a week now, Whenever you browse to any blogger blog, you are brought outdated and stale pages instead of fresh one. Im using PTCL DSL, it is definately an issue with the ISP because I am able to browse to fresh pages using a PROXY. I'v cleared cache, history and tried flusing the DNS too, nothing works but a proxy. Any suggestions, solutions please let me know.

I noticed this happening to but to gadget updates. Once i added a post or two, everything would update.

Its happening with all blogger websites on our own sites we notice because we know what we have posted, but on other sites we dont know what was updated when and thus dont get fresh posts and dont know what we are missing it is a big headache.

now it is back to normal - i think problem was with PTCL -

Yaaar I had this problem, All I use to do was press cntrl+F5, and hurra page refreshes with new contentt. Try it.