Block access to sites

Can anyone recommend any software or method that can block access to sites (or i.p.) ? No program (firedox, flashget, etc) should be able to access these sites. It should be easy to add or remove sites from blocked list (should not ask me to restart PC each time i change settings).

I am using Vista Home Premium

I think vista has family filter features built in but i have never used them. There was a topic earlier i believe on the topic so scroll downwards

Use the hosts file if you are comfortable with modifying it.

You can use HOSTS files as Asad has mentioned. It's easy but need manual editing.

If you are using router and if it has firewall feature (usually there is) then use it. Otherwise you can use software firewall.

Either use Vista's own firewall or you can get freeware Comodo Firewall Pro.

Either case, hardware or software firewall, you can block web-site or IP address and no software in your computer will be able to access them.


parental control only works on limited accounts.

@Asad & wampyr

Modifying Host file seems ideal solution. I modified it but firefox still opened the site. After few minutes it stopped opening the site then i removed my entry from host file. It took few minutes to resolve the problem (open site). Does anyone know after how many seconds windows checks host file ?

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After changes in HOSTS file, flush your DNS with following command on command prompt:

C:\>ipconfig /flushdns

You can easily find a list of adult/malicious/etc/etc sites from internet, just copy paste them to your HOST file.