BlackBerry Resources (Bold 9000 Oriented)

I have been going about on Pakistani websites and I have noticed that not many people use BlackBerry. Those who do? Well most have faced alot of problems in getting themes and content. I am listing down a few websites that provide free themes and softwares and other goodies for BlackBerry (specially Bold 9000.. as I am using that one). Register here for free and get loads of free themes and goodies. One of the best sites for themes. Again some themes. Full online guide for BlackBerry Bold 9000.

I have a big collection of BlackBerry Bold themes and wallpapers, let me know if someone needs them.

Thanks for sharing , for general Blackberry discussion/info is pretty good place, upgading OS info and all in and out info on Blackberrys some BB gurus out there.

I am using 8320 Curve, few applications I can recommend to any one with curve models are below (probably available for other versions too are) :

--BOLT and Opera , browsers (both free , both nice)

--MidpSSH , ssh clients for linux guys , I can connect to cisco switches and linux servers using this free app , pretty good

--Documents TO Go , Word, Excel and Powerpoint version ( The non premium version without Pdf is free to use , again a must have)

--Fly Cast , Internet Radio ( only for guys with unlimited bw packages )

--Mobiola XPlayer , MP3 player ( without its Internet Radio , its free , very nice , playlists maintenance etc , must have )

--SpeedTest , the speed test App for Blackberry, ( Tells me which of of my wifi is better , geeky addition )

--vlingo , the voice action app ( voice recognition , etc, just tell it to open apps in your voice and it will do , good recognition level)

--BBFileScount , File Browser , (good with some one with big sd cards , helps me sort stuff in my 4Gb card , installed recently testing)

--Chat client , probably people have these already , AIM , MSN , Yahoo , Google Talk and Instango for Jabber ( please note that Instango do not support Jabber rooms , only direct IMs)

--Mail Stuff , other than normal BB email setup , for Yahoo and Google , try 'Yahoo Go' and 'Google Mail' , the BB specifc applications , Yahoo Go is not push email as expected , but Google Mail is , you can configure it normally as well , but GUI for this app is pretty good and better than normally configured email account.

(All above are free apps and available from different sites like , and others I googled , dont remeber them all )

If any one know about any free Pdf reader for BlackBerry , please share.