Black Berry ISSUES

Assalam u Alaikum,

I have Black Berry Curve 9830 & I am having following problems

1. Can i use BBM & BB App world WITHOUT Data Plan? (just using my wifi)

2. Can i use social sites like Facebook n Yahoo mesenger just frm using wifi not the Data Plan?

3. BB doesn't have MESSAGE COUNTER. how can I check msgs? if I ask my operator it cost me 24piasa everytime

4. Now it frequently shows loading sign (a tiny one in middle of the screen) which moves clock wise. Now this will be quite irritating cas it stops the phone for 30 to 40 secs.

As I am new to the Black Berry World so I need some serious guidence. I want to use viber whats app and other apps just like i am using on my android but i don't know how to tackle this DATA PLAN thing.. Thanks

I hope the members can answer me according to the question number (question by question answer).

bro you should sell that one and get new one...

Not possible without dataplan.. on some newer models the browser works with wifi.

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That's the most stupid thing with old blackberry phones that they don't work without a Blackberry Data plan. Only the new Blackberry phones like Q10, Z10 etc support this and work over normal edge connections. Sp sorry bro but there is no solution to this issue.