Biggest torrent you downloaded

Hi to all respected members of Wiredpakistan,

Lets share the size of biggest torrent you have ever downloaded also post the time it took to download



well i downloaded the whole mythbusters 1-6 seasons.. size is about 40 gb

dont know time... :(

Biggest torrent i downloaded was a 100mb software and it took 15-16min

Torrent speed sucks!

never downloaded a torrent but the biggest downloading i do iz 90 mb for a bohemia songs album

My biggest torrent download was "Digimon All Seasons + Movies" torrent, it contained the whole tv series & all the digimon movies, size was exactly 62.89 GB, it took about a month to download on a 1mb internet connection.

biggest download was GTA4 13.8gb

I downloaded "World at war" series About 17gb in 10days11hours.

downloaded World of Warcraft 3.0.9, size was 12.3gb, downloaded at avg speed of 198 kbps in 18h 7m

3.5GB some mac software for my brother

72GB ... All Friend's Seasons Plus Some Other Extras In It !!

red alert 3 , 6.5 gb ... 2 days approx

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well i downloaded the whole mythbusters 1-6 seasons… size is about 40 gb

dont know time… :(


Me too

Prison break seasons 1-4, 28.0 GB in size and it took 38 hours on a 2 Mbps connection

Some seasons of X-Files (1,2,3,4) ... 27.2GBs, 6d18h ...

not sure when i'll watch it though, lol

i Had Downloaded many big Torrent on my Seedbox for seeding purpose the largest one i remember was

Mega Movie Boxsets that was 122 Gb

and many more around 80 + Gb

on my Home Computer i had downloaded 57 Gb torrent , that was some sort of HD movie pack

Around 700MB. Downloaded Jeff Dunham's Spark of Insanity (Mostly on Warid GPRS, maybe some Vfone) and Billboard Top 100 (Warid EDGE). Both were around 700MB.