Best Video cutting/editing software


I need to know about the best video cutting and editing software for cut videos and convert into various formats.

So please if someone know any good software tell me because i dont want to give try and try just want a conferm download.



These are confirmed software

for editing video:-Professional used by media industries AVID EXPRESS PRO

for editing video general use:- adobe premier ,Pinnacle

for editing audio professionally :- Cakewalk pro more than 250 track support

for editing audio general:- sonic soundforge

for converting video any to any format:- Total video converter,

for cutting video:- Power video cutter and Vcd cutter ..

These are best softwares ...


Thanks dude


Use avs video tools 5.6.1

ur needs ends here.


Thanks Luckyboy.

I will try


@ awesomeguy

thanx for sharing but u missed easy editing tools.....

total video converter ..... i love it....



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@ awesomeguy

thanx for sharing but u missed Ulead…an easy editing tools…

total video converter … i love it…



thx i will add it in my list