Best Split AC brand in Pakistan


I need to buy a new ac, i want to make sure which one is the best from these 2...Haier or Gree?

and which model of each is more good.

EDIT: nvm i just found out that they both are made in Pakistan which means crap, so they are out of my list.

now i'm concidering LG or Panasonic, one from these 2


search the forum you will find millions of thread with billions of comments regarding ac discussions


I have bought Panasonic split ac...but there is no compressor indicator light in it only power light, whats up with removing the cmpressor light ??

i am so used to seeing the light when the compressor goes on and off, now i can't tell when it turns on or off...this is the only thing i didn't like in the ac so far

other than that it's working great,


Panasonic 1.5 ton? For how much? (tell installation charges separately please)


Yes Panasonic 1.5 ton

52,000 for the ac and installiton cost 1000


Wow great. Congratulations on this purchase. May this be with you for life. :-)