Best Pakistani Politics Website & News Update

This is the best pakistani politics website where you can watch free politics news and read news.

Watch Capital talk, Bolta Pakistan, Live With Talat, off the record, Mere Mutabiq, 4 man show online.Watch All Pakistani Talk Show at

are you the publisher of the listed website?

I liked the domain name.

Yes indeed, i am.....

and thanks

nice website and good professional layout , care to share which CMS platform you are using for that ?

Do not post your website's links all over the forum. Keep your website links in this thread only.

If its a Pakistani site then why there is Indian crap on it?

urdu section not updated for a while

srry guys, for the late reply.....

everything is updated, except the urdu section, that too will be updated :)

Nice website , try to reduce the keywords and words in title ..