Best P2P Downloader


Which is the best p2p downloaded software available right now

I use Limewire Pro 4.18 and I get at least 50 kbps download speed on my 512kbps connection

What are the softwares u ppl use


Then what else do you want?




^its a torrent client not a p2p software! (torrent is a kind of p2p protocol but we arent talking about it here)

btw i have heard some things about ares (many people say its very good for music)



but still u better stick with torrent as i find it more reliable and virus free (people normally comments if anything come with virus)


limewire is the fastest. i've used many but returned back to limewire. if i've to choose other than limewire it would be frostwire for speed (but not many data) and emule for huge variety of data. limewire got both...


ares is good for music, emule is good for ebooks etc but both have usually less number of users for which sometimes we experience slow speed. limewire is quick with large number of users as compared to other p2p.


eMule and Limewire is for biggners and nothing much to do just type your desire file name and go on but there you cant find much data like other P2P software.As there is nothing much to do like find torrents,seeds etc from other sites.


plz tell me one thing can i download torrent files with limewire or frostwire??? i dn want to use utorrent as it only download at 20 to 25kbps avg....i m currently downloading via rapidshare and getting 50+kbps constant speed but its an headache to download parts like i download too much games and each game is worth for 50+ plus 100mb after 30 mins i hav to start another there any substitue for utorrent??


just wanted to add something here DC++ tried it few odd times.


in old days, there were iMesh and Kaaza


I used Shareaza until they updated their software to make it utterly useless.

Using Limewire now. Though it's nowhere as sophisticated as Shareaza, but it works.

I tried Frostwire too, but 2 out of 5 songs I downloaded from it were Trojans. :-/


Yaar Limewire all Tha WaY............>>>>>>>>>>>>


@potton...>>>>Yes Limewire does Torrents


I'm a big time fan of waste.


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just wanted to add something here DC++ tried it few odd times.

yes DC++ is 2 good 2 . but with some isp’s you may need to set it up correctly to get better results . I.e port forwarding’s and stuff .