Best nvidia GPU under 8k


need your suggestion about the best nvidia GPU under 8K, can't go for ATI due to lack of CUDA.

or i should wait for the some cheep 400 series GPU to come in market.


You should wait because nivida is releasing GT430 soon.Its a cheap card so you should wait for a month.


9800GTX is the best card for 8K. Nothing comes close to its performance. I'm using one myself and it still bangs every game out there :).


jDK whats your system specs?


i m using 9500gt :)


9800 gt is definately a good choice if u can afford it u must go for it with out any delay.


also tell me, what if i ask my friend to get a GPU from US and send me. would there be any warranty issue in the future, or i could claim the warranty any where in the world.


Part of the fun of the NVIDIA GPU Technology conference is that you see stuff that you don't see any place else. Some of this stuff is actually on the market, but much of it is waiting for a hardware manufacturer to pick it up, or can only be purchased by large companies or governments. An example of the latter is the Photonic Fence which would be so cool to own but likely outside of anyone but Bill Gate's budget (his foundation is partially funding this effort). So let's cover some of the more interesting things at the show some of which you can buy and most of which you can't yet.


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can’t go for ATI due to lack of CUDA.

ATI has stream SDK for general purpose computing


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jDK whats your system specs?

Core i5 750 system couple with an Asus board, 4GB RAM, 1TB, Audigy 2 ZS (bought from bachelor). I’ve spent extensively on my rig during the whole year. 9800GTX can hold its own at lower resolutions. Ofcourse, anything above than 1680x1050 will kill it. But it still rocks at 1440x900 :P.