Best News Channel of Pakistan


There four good news channel of Pakistan, Geo, Express, ARY One World & Aaj News. In my rating 1. Express 2. Geo 3. Aaj 4. ARY One World.


i luv geo news


I hate Geo and Aaj News, for airing anti-Pakistan news at wrong time, falsing promoting "freedom of press" without understanding the responsibility attached therewith. For example, see how Indian and American media supports its foreign policy where as our stupid media exploits its own government. In my opinion they also lack neutrality, if they were neutral, why the brutal recent kililngs in Karachi have not been reported?? It definitely means Geo and Aaj have their own political agenda which it seeks to support.

My ranking is:

1. Express, 2. ARY One World, 3. none, 4 (Geo and Aaj)


geo is the best!

i hate express


I like Express News. It's the best. Especially their documents and reports are awesome. Btw i hate Geo.


Geo is nothing more than drama.

if talking about News. then Express could be said as news channel. and also some what AAJ. every one has their own view for that.

but personally in my point of view, all current news channels are not performing as they should do being a right media. they don't know what is to present and what is not to present.

and also this thread is not in correct forum, it should be in Tv, Movies and Media. please try to locate appropriate forum before starting a thread. it helps others to find some thing easily.


there is also Samaa news

so my ratings are

Samaa for showing the recent killings in Karachi.



Geo and they should also be presented with a grammy for best cheap acting and drama.


I like Dawn... no drama but pure news.


AAJ and Express are by far the best.

Geo have a breaking news every 5 minutes somehow..


The concept of breaking the news has literally been broken by the local channels.

I'm partial towards Dawn, primarily due to my horrid Urdu. It goes without saying that all news channels, in one way or another, are biased. If Geo launched an English version (which has been in the works for months, but due to some regularity constraints, I hear, it hasn't launched), I doubt I'll tune into that. I just don't seem to grasp the presentation technique Geo has.

Express isn't that bad either. Samaa's also fairly decent for a news channel.

Has anyone heard of Duniya news? It's new, and doing it's test transmission. I've seen two Geo anchors on that (!). Otherwise, I'm not sure how different they are.

Frankly, every channel that pops up is (1) a news channel, and (2) run-off-the-mill. Dawn started something different (language). Samaa and Express started something different (more "humble" graphics, which is something a news channel should have... I remember when Aaj launched, they had decent graphics for a news channel, but now, many news channels are all about hippy graphics and loud, bashing music).


Duniya is running its test transmissions and have hired some of the experienced people from other channels. As of now Duniya is doing good job. Samaa & Dawn news are the best amongst the lot


ptv news hahahahahhahaa


Top 3 are debatable but ARY sucks big time.


Express n AryOne World


i like dawn news... atleast their reporters are decent and not f#$##@ like those of express or others...


I guess, a big majority here has rejected Geo news under different banners but still they (Geo Network) project themselves as the "One and Only" TV network of Pakistan representing people who do not like it at all.

I think it is time for any Geo official of being informed about views of this forum because if we extrapolate the sample of people from this forum to the whole nation of Pakistan then results for Geo could be very very disappointing.