Best netbook to buy


hi, i was browsing for netbooks. unfortunately i cannot make up my mind on which is the best one. can you guys give in your views which is the best netbook and why. that will help me alot in buying one. thanks


That's easy: ASUS Eee


what is your price range


panasonic toughbook or apple macbook


price range is 30-35k

i want to get best performance in this range.


you will get a good used one in it but not a good new one


increase your price range 50 to more and then you'll get a best notebook performance wise size wise HP Dell are best


there is a big difference between Netbook and Notebook.


the Asus Eeepc is prolly the best choice


it can increase it to 50k max. not more than that


you can get HP 530 in that range. its a nice C2d notebook. i am using it for internet and movies and i love it..


budget C2D laptop


light in weight

15.4 ws


battery life, not more than 2 hours

builtin speakers, sucks. u gotta buy good head/ear phones or speakers for listening music..


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the Asus Eeepc is prolly the best choice

yes this makes a good choice in your budget


as far i know, isn't acer aspire one better then asus eee pc?


Eeepc uses a special version of xp which uses less computer resources. so it increases you computer productivity


with in ur range ACER is best


i had a look at hp 2133, i am satisfied with the spec. the only thing i'm worried about is the processor, VIA C7-M ULV

its about 60k, is it good for its price?


MSI Wind


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MSI Wind

It’s a good netbook. All models of MSI Wind comes with an HDD. Whereas, except Eee PC 1000 model, Eee PC comes with SSD. Both technologies have their own pros and cons.

Can HDD’s motor consumes a little more battery power than SSD?


yeah HDDs consume more battery


Acer and MSI netbooks are available at reasonable prices. Asus and Hp would be expensive, and specs wise all have similar models. A decision factor could be if you want to go for SSD harddisk or conventional one.