Best Movies in 3D


I want to share 3d movies that I watched lately, though bit old but newer for me on a 3D TV. Movies were "Alice in Wonderland" and "Chronicles of Narnia, 3rd Part".

I want you to share best 3d Movies wacthed by you and suggestion, are they worth to sped money on them :) And also if I download any from torrents, can I play them on 3D TV via my laptop?


So long as your TV supports HDMI 1.4 (which is fairly standard now anyway) you should be fine. Your laptop however will need a graphic card capable of rendering the 3D image and transferring the data to your TV. The newer generation of both Nvidia and ATI cards support this, but you will need to check specifically on your cards capability. There is an additional driver also required to make this happen; i.e. 3DTv Play for Nvidia and TriDef for ATI, followed with some minor fiddling on the software end to appropriately post the image to your TV screen. There is probably some step by step guide over at with a bucket load of additional instructions etc.

My own perspective on enjoying anything in 3D is a movie with plenty of CGI or special effects, like Avatar, which is THE benchmark. I'm not a big fan of it yet, but it has its charm :)

I personally liked the Transformers 3's 3D effects better than Avatar. Although Avatar was by no means ordinary or average in terms of 3D. Both are great visual treats. On the other hand, there are some 3D movies that are a waste in terms of 3D e.g Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Movies with good 3D effects are really worth the money in my opinion. I have 3D monitor by the way, as opposed to traditional 3D tvs, it does not require any special hardware to play the 3D movies on computer, neither does it require active shutter glasses. The 3D experience is really good although I am selling it since I don't find much time any more and I think its getting wasted just sitting there.

I like Transformer in 3D it was a great movie

DHA cinema recently re-opened last month. They're currently showing Underworld: awakening in 3D. Worth watching ?

Today just started downloading Transformers in 3D, it is 13.4 GB and torrent says that it is 1080p.....

every 3D HD MPEG4 MGEG2 Movies download this link

Well downloaded both Transformers 3 and Avatar in 3-D and frankly Avatar is best in 3-D, transformers 3 could not impress me either in 2D or 3D but Avatar is just awesome in 3D to :)

Titanic 3D is the best movie. I have seen this movie last night. I like horror movie. I love the music of in this movie...........

Titanic 3D is horror movie, what a fake post that was :D

hmm i liked tangled in 3D , rest i have seen Despicable Me , transformers , harry potter last 2 parts etc etc

havent seen avatar in 3d yet

now waiting for Tangled 2 3D version

Well Shoukat, any idea when resident evil next part is coming (they say it is also in 3D, means made on actual 3D cameras not virtually 3D) and also one more suggestion, what card is needed to play games on 3D. I'm planning to make a new computer for mine at the moment I've very lesser budget but I've planned to have latest motherboard (not expensive but any that support latest gaming cards something like 67 series of Intel in 8700-9200 rps) But how to play games in 3D, any special card/games for that?

well for now ,

3d gaming on PC is kinda not very good , most of the games dont have built in 3d but there are softwares like trideff 3d which convert them to 3d ,

there are very few games which support 3d but they then f up in the dept that support only Nvidia 3d vision kit , (crysis 2 is an example) but you can still make it work with trideff 3d

well as you know for 3d a vga card would have to process atleast 60 FPS per second or atleast 120fps per second in full fast mode and if we are talking about full hd then processing 1080p frames at 120 frames per second is a real hefty job so you ll need some kickass gpu for that

i have an SLI of HD 6850 , and things work smooth for me ,

we i cant really suggest a card for 3d gaming as all the upcoming games are getting heavier and heavier day by day , just settle for 2d gaming at 1080p , or spend hefty money on a really good card or an SLI

but i d suggest go for a motherboard with pciX 3.0 as all the new cards on PCIX 3.0...

I hope 67 series board by Intel does support pcix 3.0 and yes it is supposed to run on 40" 3D Full HD TV at 1080p :P and my casing is

So I guess it will not be wise to have SLI or Crossfire in it, as it does not support full ATX board.


lol bro what were you thinking... =P

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lol bro what were you thinking… =P


No really, Asus is offering a micro ATX board with crossfire support (No SLI though, I don’t remember model number now) but I don’t like Asus personally in motherboards specially. So I was confuse to have Crossfire in Asus or Nvidia Single card in Intel board… And reason to buy this casing was my Trolley that is having my home theatre Bluray player and below cabin cannot have full ATX casing in it and this was best fit size for that trolly and I also liked its design very much.