Best horror movie?

Guys what s ur favourite horror moovie u like most and should be must watchd.I like the most is The Descent.It is worth watch.Award winning horror movie of 2005-06.

Yes the Descent was brilliant but far from the best. I love pretty much every horror movie of the 70s and 80s era. Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, The dead series, Evil Dead are all pretty amazing movies. Aliens 1 was also extremely scary

if you really wanna know about great horror movies then do what i do... i.e ... go to imdb movie forums... there are many threads of "movies like this" or the "best horror movies" ... i have like hundreds of horror movies on my hardisks and mostly classics... i am a big fan of the 80s b-horror genre.. there are so many that it is like impossible to list them

Ya u rite but i asked for modren horror movie as i am not fan of old horror movies of 70s.

there is no good modern horror movie, except 28 days later

no actually there are many... but due to computer graphics that is crap... i would recommend you to watch asian horror movies(not their hollywood remakes) like pulse, juon, ringu and some others which you will get to know from imdb message boards

oh yeah and the 2004 shutter too

Who tells u man there are modren horror movies that are worth watch,Like joyride 2,Grudge,The cave,hill have eyes 2 etc etc

well if u like grudge, hills have eyes then you have no taste at all because both these are just hopeless movies.

watch psyco or silence of the lambs

Watch "Orfanato, El"

Great plot, amazing acting, superb direction. The story leaves it to the audience to decide if its a supernatural or a psychological one. In either way, it makes alot of sense..

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watch psyco or silence of the lambs

Silence of the lambs was never supposed to be a horror :/

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well if u like grudge, hills have eyes then you have no taste at all because both these are just hopeless movies.

yes hills have eyes was “bakwas” and the grudge too… but have you seen the orginal ju-on?? it was much much better than the hollywood counterpart… i personally hate “decent” which is a british horror movie… although there are many good british horror movies like “dog soldiers” which is the best werewolf movie ever… it is a slight mix of comedy with horror… i am old enough to not be scared by horror movies anymore so i like the ones with the most entertainment values rather than only scares…

let me post a list of all the best horror movies i like… i will miss a lot of names but would get in a lot too to keep someone busy downloading

the shinning(absolute masterpiece and the greatest horror movie ever… it is more about atmosphere than crappy jump scare scenes)

the thing(w0w what a movie… just a great one)

halloween 1978(the haunting music does me in every time)

shutter 2004( it is a thai movie made in japan i guess and very scary stuff)

juon ( japanese original “Grudge” and really scary stuff)

a tale of two sisters (japanese and great)

28 days later (maybe the best zombie movie ever)

silent hill (the best recent hollywood horror for me… amazing amazing atmosphere)

suspiria (dario argento’s masterpiece)

the hitcher (original one was great)

misery (based on stephen king novel and really good)

ringu series( the japanese ones only cuz hollywood sucks)

dog soldiers(the best werewolf movie ever)

the cemetary man (a weird movie… really good though)

dawn of the dead 2004 (the 1978 version is better maybe but modern one is good enough)

rec (spanish movie… you are in for a surprise)

duel 1971 (i think it was the first movie speilberg made and really good)

feast ( great anti-cliche monster horror movie)

purana mandir (i term it as the best indian horror movie… it fits the profile for cheesy 80s horrors made in the west)

Orfanato, El(really a great movie… non-english ftw)

black christmas (halloween stole it’s idea)

kairo(japanese movies ftw. , their eerie atmosphere is amazing)

saw (the first part only… the acting and script was pathetic but the idea was good)

alien (the first and second part are incredible)

doom (although not fully original but good fun horror “shashkay”)

event horizon ( deep space horror movie and quiet good)

severance (british horror and very very good)

revenous (surprisingly good)

dead alive 1992 (from the director of lotr… if you haven’t seen it then you have seen nothing)

shaun of the dead (horror comdey at it’s best… although it won’t really scare you and if you are over 20 then nothing would really)

the signal (good psycho horror from 2007… a must see for me)

twin peaks (it is a tv series… more of mystery than horror… but seriously it is amazingly good, and my God the score is haunting like hellllllllll)

haute tension ( great french movie)

inside( aaaaa… OMG the movie is jaw dropping if you are into gore)

frontiers ( french movie… amazingly good… a muslim gets killed in it too:P)

house 1986 ( i always loved that movie… )

my name is bruce (horror comedy… great fun)

monster man (again a horror comedy )

dead end (will keep you guessing till the end)

the stand (mini series from stephen king and really really great)

storm of the century 1999(stephen king novel… really good)

sixth sense (well i am sure you have seen it )

the others (i hope you have seen it too… cuz then maybe you don’t watch movies at all)

slither( i loved it… not bone chilling though… more of a horror comedy)

borderland (it is good enough i guess to have a mention)

cube series(all three are good)

in the mouth of madness(carpenter magic)

they live ( awesome)

the thirteenth ghost(i think it is the right name… i liked it… )

i am a fan of horror comedy genre as they have more entertainment value than just plain horror which, lets face it, are not that scary and could suck… i am fan of the eerie atmosphere in movies which some do provide…

the mothman prophecies (it has the eerie atmosphere)

the crazies ( old is gold)

frailty( great movie… horror with 7+ at imdb are definately good)

from beyond ( classics)

night of the creeps (yeah babay… lots of zombies)

well if you want heaps of horror movies then vist imdb pages for these directors or writers… read there boards or read the boards of their movie… you will be amazed with the amount of names of classics you would get… i can think of a lot lot more but it would take time… i have already spend half an hour writing this post

stephen king

David Lynch

dario argento

John Carpenter

Lucio Fulci


George A. Romero

mark my words… you will have a big list other than mine if you go through these guy’s pages… john carpenter and dario argento are hardcore horror speacialists… while stephen king and david lynch are more mystry than horror…

lucio fulci is maybe the best but his movies are not in english and hard to track down on torrents…hitchcock’s movies are mostly black and white so you may find it hard to watch them… george a romero is the zombie king… watch his early work which is terrific

I hate george A romero. Most of his movies, the dead series, are just plain boring to watch

watch the old ones.. the recent ones are pure crap though... i love movies based on stephen king(as he has great mystery in his work)

john carpenter was a master till the nineties...

dario argento is a visual master

david lynch is the king of mystery for sure

About 80% of above movie list is thriller or there gener is different and they are not horror by any means.And alos bit oldies.What u think.


u forgot hellraiser in that list!!!


while i have not seen all of those, the ones i did are all horror

i forgot to mention Vacancy. Its one of the better ones in the new movies, although its more of a thriller


add "1408" to ur list :)

What about fritt vilt.

oh yeah both fritvilt and 1408 are great... but i said i will miss a lot

vacancy is cliched and hellraiser.. meh