Best Grammar-Correction Software?

Which is the best grammar and spell correction software for emails,microsoft office work...

I have more emphasis on grammar correction as there are many spell-checker softwares available!!!

I have found White Smoke 2009 to be the best among the lot..But it is a shareware and I have searched a lot to find the cracked version but not succeeded as only 2008 version is available!!!!

So what u people use and what u suggest?????

No one using any:|

I have never used any such software. Indeed, Microsoft Office has grammar correction.

Open Source solutions:


Freeware solutions:

Evaluation of grammar check softwares:

Wikipedia article:


Please note, I haven't use any of above listed softwares. I have no idea which will work better than others. Furthermore, I can't guarantee it will be safe to install or run any of these softwares. Open source solution is bit more reliable.

They arent comprehensive....I have tried some of them....

U should use the trail version WHITE SMOKE 2009..then compare all of the above mentioned to that..

U will realize the difference!!!

^If you find some better software for this,let me know too.

Most spellchecking softwares are used for ASCII files, they don't read Binary data. You can try Microspell

My main emphasis is on GRAMMAR CORRECTION...Spell check is not a problem!!!

my personal advice would be not to rely on grammar correction softwares ... they always mislead you..

better to have a good guide near by

and most often you will find mistakes not exactly in grammar but in 'usage'. It would be better to have a look at kind of sites for help

Have u used White Smoke 2009..Download the trial version...

It gives u all kinds of mistakes(grammatical and spell)...