Best Gaming Graphics Card for Pentium D @ 3.00

Hi Guys,

I am thinking to buy a new graphic card for my PC . I am A Gamer and i recommend a high end card . In the range of 15 k . I am thinking to buy 4850 DDR5 Sonic Edition or the other one . Or may try for GTS 250 or 9800 GTX+ . But i heard that my processor may bottleneck these cards . But i cant afford a new processor because i will also need to upgrade my Motherboard as its Intel D945GPM and as far as i know . It cant support Dual Core's And Core 2 Duo's . So Tell me how much perfomance i'll loose . And which one will be better ;)

all of the cards u've mentioned will be bottlenecked due to your processor, so u better upgrade your processor 1st.

i am with baber> you have the option of selling your board and processor and upgrading to core 2 duo.

you could also go for the 9800 gts for about 10000 rs

the 5 thou you save could be put in towards buying a new board and pro

if unwilling to upgrade then i recommend

XFX GeForce PCX GTS 250 512MB (256-BITS) DDRIII

for rs 15000

you could also go for the 9800 gts the 5 thou you save could be put in with the

Heres my recommendation, get another 10K if you can and buy these :

Mobo: Asus P5KPL-VM Rs.3800

Processor: Intel E5200 Rs.6000

GFX: Nvidia 9800GT or Ati 4830 Rs.10000

Power Supply: CoolerMaster 500W Rs.4100

RAM: Kingston 2+1GB-800 Rs.3250

You need the power supply for the GFX cards (PCI-e plug) otherwise it won't work. Games won't improve on GFX card alone, you need the rest of the cast as well.If you can't afford it now then just gather about Rs26K and then come to us and we will recommend you a PC built for mid-range gaming, which isn't bad since majority gamers own these specs.