Best games for psp?

I dont know about you guys but these are the list of my favourite games on my psp :)

God of wars

need for speed prostreet

dj max portable

N plus

and some psx games that i emulated into my psp

How about these:


Syphon Filter

Also Which softwares and OS version did you use to emulate PSX games on the PSP?

Patapon is so Baby :P ,u bounce around all day ..I ll try syphon filter!! How about Fifa 09 i tried it but i cant kick any into the goal

Burnout series and Smackdown vs raw series

Patapon is not he bouncing ball game. Google it and see for yourself.

God of war,prince of persia,tekken,upcming kingdom hearts game,silent hill,metal gear solid portable ops,rachet and clank:size matters,secret agent clank,killzone:liberation,upcming soul calibur game,sid meir's pirates,daxter,manhunt1,2,monster hunter freedom all gta's. I have 1Oo+games for pSp n ds :P

Oh how can i forget loco roco :P and patapon is 1 of da best on psp