Best domain name reg. service in Pakistan?


so it means that i only need to register for and the dns thing would be enough for setting up and etc. moreover, my existing blogs like and can be easily redirected to the mentioned domains easily.

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so it means that i only need to register for and the dns thing would be enough for setting up and etc. moreover, my existing blogs like and can be easily redirected to the mentioned domains easily.


Yes you can point your subdomain ( or main domain ( to your blogspot blog just by registering a domain and using a DNS hosting service.

The Domain Name System (DNS) functions a bit like a phone directory. It points to the IP address (phone number) of the computer that is hosting your website. This computer is called the web server. DNS hosting is not the same as web hosting. It is the web server’s job to host your website. It is the DNS servers job to point to the computer hosting your site. So if you want to point your sub domain to the blogspot server then you can do that with DNS hosting only. If you want to host your blog on your own then you will need to buy web hosting.

Redirecting to your domain ( or subdomain ( is only possible if blogspot allows it. You will have to see blogspot help section to figure that out.

suggest me a domain then

options are





for hosting

is thr any assurity that my domain won't be sold to anyone giving higher price?

moreover, why can't i make smaller domains like f77 etc?

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suggest me a domain then

options are




for hosting


Wow how many blogs do you have? This is a pretty awesome blog. Impressive the work you do.

I don’t anything about engineering but I have a few tips regarding choosing a domain name:

1) Choose a .com domain . Its the easiest to remember.

2) Choose a short domain that is easy to type. Don’t buy a domain like :)

3) Decide whether you want to choose a brandable domain or one optimized for search engines.

4) It is best if you can include a popular search keyword in your domain name. This will help your site get visitors via search engines (google, yahoo etc) . You can find out which keywords have a lot of interest with this tool:

To search for available domain names I would suggest this bulk checking tool:

A few domains that I though were interesting:

what abt








nexus is baby of hostingmadeeasy a US based firm that has poor technical support and administration

i am going for

for domain registeration

now that i have created a domain spelled as through

how to point my blog towards it?

and how to create subdomains like over it?

do i still have to do that dns thingy?

i have just logged in my domains control panel.

Now why don't you get a hosting. rather than killing your head with DNS stuff :)

can't i just redirect my blog on to

I told you twice before that with just a domain you can redirect to your blogspot domain but NOT viceversa (atleast not without blogspot's help) . How can an engineer have so much trouble reading?

To redirect to your domain first register for a free account at .

Then go into your domain control panel at creativeon and go to "my account". Then go to the domains menu > list last ten> click on > click on "Click here to Manage the Domain Registration properties for". This will take you to the order details page. Click on the "modify name server" button and then on the next page add the nameservers inplace of creativeon's nameservers:

Click submit to save these settings.

After you have done the above post here and I'll give you further help.

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Now why don’t you get a hosting. rather than killing your head with DNS stuff :)

He already has hosting for his blog. Its hosted with blogspot. What he wants is to make a CNAME for his custom domain so that it points to his blogspot site. He can do this only with DNS hosting. He doesn’t need to spend money on web hosting. Anyway I don’t think typical Cpanel shared web hosting comes with such fine grained control over DNS.

seems that i hav already gone through it.

may be it was the dns updation process which was holding me back.

thanks for the advice though (ROKRA).

anyhow, it looks that i am into another problem.

i redirected my to and to yesterday.

today i changed my mind and redirected to as far as has successfully been redirected to but the redirection of to is not working. The dnsserver returns: No DNS records error.

i tried to redirect to but blogspot forbids me from doing so and says that another blog is already hosted on the address.

now what to next?

do i still have to wait for another 24-48 hrs? or there is some problem with my configuration.

please note that i have following settings on everydns





is there something wrong with these?

Xaheer. i'll prefer you get a good hositng. if you can't afford the paid hosting. i can offer you free reliable hosting for your blog. Redirecting to your blog is not a good idea.

thanx waqas, i already owe something to u.

"i've created your account with 100MB space with 10GB bandwidth but

sorry to say i don't have any domain to give or can't give a share

with my sub domains, well your account has been created."

u sent me this on 08-11-2008

Well now you have Domain. you can host your site there. :)

whene ever you need web space you are alwasy welcome :)

you are 100MB account is still alive and will remain aslong as you want.

I still need your help guys regarding issues raised in Post#33

it started working

i just gave it a rule of thumb thingy named RESET trick

i just shifted back to blogspot hosting and after viewing my blog by clicking "view blog" button i returned to the publishing setting and repeated the procedure of setting custom domain with

everything is fine now they also provide domain registration n webhosting.

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My advice: as soon as you see this, edit out the domain name you want from your post! If its available right now, it won’t be for long - this is called squatting, and someone might try to make some money off you! Buy the domain as soon as you can!

I’ve only ever tried Nexus from Pakistan and the domain registrar I use mainly is Namecheap. I’ve had pretty good experiences with both - support is good and service is also nice. I can’t vouch for Nexus’ hosting as I haven’t really used it.

You can use a credit card online, so visiting an office isn’t necessary.

Nexus does have a hosting+domain combo type deal going on with their “cards” so check that out. I don’t think they’ve got an office in Lahore, but call them and check!

BTW, before you do all this: check if Blogger (the service you’re using) has an option to add on a domain to your account. That way, you have your domain, and you have the same setup and don’t have to learn anything new with regards to managing your site.

[/quote] is da best!