Best bang for the buck A/C in the market, prices and advise please

Like the subject says, I'm looking for a good A/C that doesn't leave a giant bullet hole in my pocket.

Can be 1/1.5 ton. If anybody knows any good brands/new prices, please share.

Also, my electricity bill still in the vicnity of 3000-4000 rs, how much will it rise with an 8 hours use of the A/C daily?

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i dont' find the above reply helpful since i've already been through that whole thread twice. If you don't have any useful info, please don't clutter the thread.

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i'm not a n00b here, i've gone through that thread already and i told you about it in my first response to you here. So point some newcomers to different links. I started this thread just to learn about the latest and most affordable A/C. it is not related to any "MITSUBISHI Mr. Slim" (the thread you've been spamming to from here).

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thank you for your scholarly and helpful reply , MODs please close this thread since isharis just made me realise that i was a n00b to ask for a valid question here. I guess next time when i need some help with tech related stuff, i should post him a PM and ask his holiness for any suggestions and advice about everything tech.


may be haris thought that he was chatting on their IRC channel........

What's this blasphemous IRC channel you speak of!?