Best Available Laptop in 30-50K

Aoa Guys

I want to buy a new laptop. My main purpose is doing office work and watching movies. I am not much in to gaming and that stuff.

Can u guys mention which is the best one within this price range??

I personally like Toshiba Laptops more than Acer...

What do u guys say?

Thanks in advance

I'd suggest to you this laptop

If its $500, then that comes to Rs.40,000. I guess If you find a good deal you'll be able to get it in 42-45K

I suggest buying a laptop with Intel Atom Processor. "Acer Aspire One" will cost you around 28K and Toshiba NB100 is also close to that price range.

i am selling my acer travelmate 800 laptop with more than 3 hours of battery backup with multimedia research a it about this laptop on net and let me know if you want to buy that :)

buy netbook!!!!

He says his main purpose is also to watch movies, he will need a dvd drive for it , netbooks don't have that