Best Anti Virus Software?


What do you guys think about Norton?

I am using it since 10 years straight i think.

I just update to newer version when trial reset comes out. :)

Currently running 2014 edition.

Never had infection problem with my PC but then again i am very catious user.


Avast, One and the only

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Used to use norton and Mcaffee when norton and Mcafe were the ONLY 2 in town.. went to Nod32 due to extremely small foot print, and quick updates.

then kaspersky for a very long time till they started blocking all trial resets

tried AVG fr a little time,..Avira also for a little time..both sucked.

just gave a trial shot to panda security suite complete, its good but not as good as kaspersky

then avast internet security..Currently on Avast free.

of all the AV packages, i personally love the kaspersky, to be MOST user friendly, and highly active with average system resources consumption and very solid coding, never had a single crash in 3 years due to kaspersky. also very high detection rate and fast scans.

currently avast free is a very good choice, its fast, light, officially free for 1 year every year, updates quick, and silent mode is very silent :).. complet AV and none of the internet security extras.

ever since having kasperksy and avast, never ever bothered even checking logs to see any viral activity, . i am a good user, and often the USb from friends contain complex 10000s of viruses, all auto scanned and cleaned by both kasper and avast.. both are easy, fast reliable and very light on resources.


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It is best to use some kind of portable on-demand AV scanner (nod32 had something like this) so that you can scan downloaded torrents and files just when you need it. Alongwith this, disabling auto-run of all removable media + making sure file extensions are shown for all files in the explorer + good ad blocker (best to use hosts file based), is enough to secure your system.

Running AV continuously in the background is just a major waste of your system resources and bandwidth.


IMO, the best on-demand antivirus solution is Clam AntiVirus [ ] which is a free, open source, and cross-platform software. Please note that unlike the majority of antivirus software, the Clam AntiVirus does not offer real-time, background file scanning (though it is available as a daemon for Linux and *BSD). Having said that, Clam AntiVirus is good at what it does. It is notaby used in mail servers for scanning attachments, etc.

As the Clam AntiVirus has essentially a command line interface, there is a GUI version for Microsoft Windows. Check ClamWin at''>'>


Which of the antivirus software have been successful at detecting and preventing ransom-ware from taking over the system?


kaspersky has to be.. bitdfendr too probably