Best Anti-Virus Software

I would say that AVG Free Edition is the best freely available anti-virus around. I have been using is for more than 2 years and it has never given me any problem. It updates regularly and catches viruses very briskly. Yet very low on system resources. It can be downloaded from the following location:

Please share your experiences about AVG and also mention your best Anti-Virus Software.

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McAfee is Best of All ..Dud3

there have been number of threads here in this forum regarding this topic!!!

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haven't used it !

btw i use norton 2008 ; right now waiting for Microsoft Morro!

any 1 have a Kaspersky 2007 and 2008 keys... plz share with me...

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NORTON is the best but its heaviness on system resources push it to the bottom of the line!!!

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any 1 have a Kaspersky 2007 and 2008 keys… plz share with me…

Kaspersky periodically verifies your key(s).

If you would manage to find one non-blacklisted key, you might be able to use it. but only for a few days. it will be blacklisted soon when another user found using it, then you will need to search again for another one.


compare the modules in Kaspersky that u like with modules in other Products

this will be good for u if you find one better other than the Kaspersky.


My Query:

personally I didn’t find any other product for ad-Blocking all kinds of(popup,popdown,in-page, et.) and parental control that compete Kaspersky for these modules.

did any one? please tell me about.

I am using it only for these two modules. I’ll just kick it off if I found any other one. but after completing the 1 year of paid software :P

hi all



symantec corporate edition,

no need to register or activation, and update very well.

bit defender and kaspersky are the best in every way... i personally used bitdefender and if you have a rootkit problem(the worst virus out there) then bit defender is the only solution... but i have found out that to keep your computer clean 100% if you are a broad band user then a single software won't do... you have to use firewalls and antispyware and whatever crap combined with an antivirus to keep it all together 100%... there are sofwares like bit defender total security which provide all the protection but there are different combinations i heard are better rather than just one software... norton is bad i tell ya.. the worst one

here you go

I am satisfy with Kaspersky antivirus+internet security and its great !

And Avast on first place if u r looking for freeware

Ye Avast Is Good...I Previously Used F-Secure AntiVirus For Almost 2 Years And Then I Try Avast And Now I Like Avast It Also One Of The Good AntiVirus Software...And I Am Using Avast For Few Months Now...And Its Rocking :)

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here you go


Although there are a lot of new and good software coming in market, TopTenREVIEWS has the same list of Top 10 softwares for each category for the past 3 years that I have been following this site

The Best Antivirus Solution for 2006 and 2007

AV-Comparatives named ESET the "Best Antivirus Product" the last two years as they know it's proactive, precise technology—not brand names—that stops malware. And ESET NOD32® Antivirus is the best virus protection available.

Direct comparisons with other antivirus solutions tell the story better than we ever could.

ESET NOD32® Antivirus consistently proves itself to be the best antivirus software, clearly ranking higher in detection, size and speed when compared to its competitors.

Compare antivirus solutions and see what happens when ESET goes up against Symantec, McAfee Trend and more. Discover why ESET is the most proactive, precise, lightweight and fast solution—and the best choice for home and business use.

Best Antivirus Software for Detecting and Eliminating Known and Evolving Threats

* Approximately 80% of threats discovered by ESET are proactively detected using ThreatSense® heuristics . For example, all variants of MyDoom, Netsky, Bagle and Mytob were detected heuristically—well before other vendors had issued a signature.

* When it comes to "In-the-Wild," virus detection, no one even comes close, as the following chart illustrates.


Missed in-the-wild viruses in virus bulletin tests


Over the past nine years, ESET has collected 50 VB100 awards—more than any other vendor.


VB100 Tests Passed


Due to its highly proactive, on-demand detection rate and low false positives, ESET NOD32® Antivirus consistently receives the highest possible rating—ADVANCED+—from, an independent research group.

You might think something so powerful would tax your resources. But quite the opposite is true. Because of its highly optimized code and light system footprint, ESET NOD32® Antivirus includes one of the fastest scanners in the industry, as the following charts clearly illustrate.


Scanning throughput of executable files


Antivirus scanning performance


Add it all up, and it's no surprise that ESET NOD32® was named "Best Antivirus Product" for 2006 and 2007 (read more here).


Source :

Note: it is one of my old Post from this Topic :

Striker no doubt ESET NOD32 is an excellent Anti-Virsu software but its not freely available like AVG. I guess every anti-virus software has its pros and cons. Sometimes in performance and sometimes in cost.

But there should be all-in-one antivirus software,so anyone know about ?