Best AC split unit

I live in Karachi , I need help guys what is the best AC split unit out there any one any experiences , and u know all the rates are high now as there is Luxury tax , I am thinking to buy the LG 1.5 Ton , as my room is 18 * 18 with huge windows .

So guys help me pls ASAP!!

Have to decision in 2 to 3 days.

sohail gagai

Buy a local one.. Dawlence is the best in my opinion. Cheap spare parts,very very efficent

Go for L.G, bit expensive then dawlence or other local brand but very good performance wise.

Hiare is also good.

Didn't we have the exact same post last month???

Why don't folks search first??? :|

Mitubishi is the best units in my Opinion. Personally I use LG for the last 4 years. Still going strong with no issues at all.

Sabro or Pel

Do not buy Orient. It will last you one year if you are lucky.

Mitsubishi is good..........

but please dont destroy ur hand fans bcz u may need em in summer :).......... just dont trust the electricity, she is decieving AND dont blame the Govt, she is inocent :)

i think mitsubishi is the best but it is expansive i am myself using 1 sg 1.5 ton and 2nd dawlance 1.5 ton both are good i have 2 seasons of sg its working quit good my room is 12*17 i think u should go for dawlance or sg if u want cheap if u have no finicial problem than go for mistsubishi