Best 1200 VA Pure Sinewave UPS in the market?


Dear all,

can anybody help me?


what the cost and model would be better of APC sine wave ups for home use.


this depends on your pc powers.. if it is anything beyond 200W, and you wana run LED and fans with it you would need more power than the 1500SUI which works on 2 would be better with a 2200VA APC which is 1680W and has a 2x charging rate of 1500SUI.. but it works with four batteries only.. if you can afford 4 batteries, the 2200VA is the best option for home use.

cost is variable.. depends on market .. the 1500SUI is around 18-19k right now.. but prices keep changing.. the 2200Va is around 25k but not sure..our shipment of 2200VA is coming soon, . then can confirm prices..


little udpate its all ok as of now . .no pc restart..

my typical load is c2d system with 2 hdds.. (250gb+1tb) .. 8gb Ram ,, ati 2400pro vga card..

19 inch hp lcd.

1 tplink wifi router(consums 20 watts)

1 cisco 837 adsl modem+rotuer (25 watts )


AOA merey pass ApC 1500 hai with two 140 batteries connected to PC and monitor jub pc use mai nagi tu kiya ups off kerdo main se ya isey battery pe koe faraq parey ga. dosra kiya ups off ho per main se connect ho tu battery charge kerta rahey ga or last sawal APC mai off k kafi options likhey hai turn off or shutdown faraq kiya hai koe batai ga please thanks


ws … when u r not using ur pc then u can simply touch the off button is front side of ups … it wont effect batteries at all … yes if u off ur ups just pressing once frm the front side of ups it will keep charging the batteries till they r fully charged … after that it will cut charging but if u off thro mains n also from ups at same time then ups wont charge the batteries … if u r not using ur pc let say for one month then ur battery will surely effect … … r u using powerchute software of ups for shutting down as there is only one button for switching off the ups …