Became moddrator & earn $20!

Hi, i m creating a new forum just like

but the amazing thing is that i will pay $20 to the person who become the moderator of my forum! but this offer is 4 limited time! but this offer till first 20 moderators ..but before starting it i need a domain name suggestions! which i will use as my website,s url!

I laughed so hard after reading your post...hahahhahahhaha



Pretty pathetic!

Will this brigade of moderators moderate one another? :-\


This is so stupid ..

lol, No words to say.. i wish i could hit this guy :|

Removed. Roman Urdu not allowed

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yaara yeh larka boongian maa rahahai

Asmar, duplicate IDs are not allowed… :confused:

sah,finally create a new category "Abnormal Help Online" for asmar..hahaha

hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahah................... Man! Kill be before I die laughing hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahah

Asmar did you by any chance read my 'serious advice' in your other thread? Because you have absolutely NO idea how forums or any sort of online activity works. Please stop making a fool of yourself. I feel embarrassed FOR you.

hahha agaian n again acting like a joker....he is seriously a commedian here...yar why dont u join comedy programs...u hav som serious skills to make others laugh :P

Making another ofrum like wiredpakistan.. Damn I know how much I lughed today. hahahahaha still laughing like helll . Damn!!!

What I find funny is that he is willing to give $400 to random people to become forum moderators, yet he can't bring himself to spend money to buy web templates and hire a web designer.

^^ You know what Sah? He just want us to join him... As he said himself... Why I spend a single rupee when everything is coming for free, He wont spend a single buck I'm damn sure..... But I think he is funny and may be hard working. :) It reminds me one thing how big people achived gread success... He will one day have a big websites :) and on that day I will buy a gun and will shoot all wired Pak members ;)

Asmar u r making my abbs ache.. stop it man...............


he is good wiredpakistan joker which makes us laugh every now and then....


^^ Edited :) what you wrote?

wrong thread dost :)