BBC Channels on Dish

Hey guys, i ahve a question in the past my cable guy used to give BBC Prime , BBC Food etc on our cable but then BBC Prime was switched to BBC Entertainment and BBC Food to BBC Lifestyle and now i cant get it on cable but i really need em so i was thinking to buy a small dish and a receiver or decoder whatever it is called the truth is i dont know much about the dish scene.... so an guidance will be helpful i mostly want to get UK Channels and some American or !@#$ Channels would also be nice ...mostly for watching TV Shows and Dramas and Movies so i was thinking what kind of reciever and a dish would i need for the above stuff and any other info


If you are in Karachi and use WorldCall, you can get their digital receiver. This will get you BBC prime plus lots of great movie channels and entertainment channels....but not BBC Food.

Thing is sadly i am not in Karachi or Lahore ! so is there any other way ?

try mpc digital tv service

try mpc digital tv service means ?

^^ BBC Prime and BBC Food were rebranded and relaunched as BBC Entertainment and BBC Lifestyle. Additionally two more channels from BBC were started BBC Knowledge and CBeebies. These channels are available in Asia, Europe and Africa. BBC prime is still available in some european countries and in middle east. Some cable operators like Worldcall in Isb are showing it using Orbit decoders. But BBC Food is gone. Where do u live? u can also go for Sun TV.

For your question about sat system, its way more expensive if u go legal way, but if u go illegal way its very complicated.

Ehsan as Shauk said getting these channels legally is quite expensive.If you want them illegally and want to watch them for free,for that you have to join and read alot about cardsharing and stuff.Once its set then its so fun to watch.