Ball Point Mark on Laptop LCD

A nincompoop yesterday put a mark from his Piano ball point pen on my laptop LCD. The LCD is the anti-glare, non shiny type.

I am now cursing myself and undoubtedly him every time I open the lid. Can someone kindly tell me if the LCD cleaning liquid will do the job? Or is it some other liquid I need.

Try an old trick

clear sticky tape gently press it on the screen .use a plunt pencil and gently trace the ink .then peel off the tape.

turn off the laptop,rinse the laptop in a tub and then wash the screen with surf excel and a!! :D

Google is your friend

NEVER use ammonia based cleaners (Glint/Windex etc) on LCD screens. These may damage the surface and leave a permanant aberration.

@Ultimate Hero: I tried what you recommended and 60% of the mark was gone.

@kuya: Yet once again my faith in Google was restored after your recommendation. Actually I didn't search because I thought I was the only one with a maniac in the form of a friend but then figured out people have kids writing on their LCDs all the time. This is what I am going to do:

Good. Do post the results of your effort