Bad sectors

how to get rid of them??

u cant get rid of them

how ever one thing u can do this to find them and then dont use them

find them and make ur partitions such that the bad sextors dont come in them and u ll b fine

other wise they make spread..

@ h4tEbr33d

Sell your harddisk and buy new one.

Bad sectors are not good. They are like magic gnomes. One one pop up so does others. Soon (within months) you'll have that much that they won't let you backup your precious data.

Sell your harddisk and buy new one. Or make it slave and use it at risk and keep running ChkDsk on weekly bases.

Good luck.

by using disk manager softwares or make ur partitions again....

There is a program called HDD regenerator. (Found in Hiren boot CD as well). It can be of much help in mild cases as it can actually repair and recover bad sectors, but it really depends on how strong the defect in hard disk is. If the bad sectors continue to appear even after such repair, you definitly need a new hard disk.

there is no such 'standard' way to remove them... buy a new one... if you data really means to you.