AVG Auto/Manual Update problem?

I am having problem with my AVG 8.0 (free) at home.

Auto update is not working at all. When tried to visit their website, it is not opening. Is there something wrong with AVG servers or its just me who is having this problem ? I am facing same problem at office also.

When I googled, I got this

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I'm the system admin for Grisoft's US site and we have been experiencing extremely heavy volumes of traffic since the discovery of Code Red and Sircam. In an effort to alleviate the problem, we've created a mirror site (which is on a slower connection than the primary). If you point your browser to www.grisoft.com you will be presented with a choice of either the primary or secondary servers.

I apologize for the inconvenience and hope this will help.

Thanks for your patience,


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AVG, my personal absolute best pick for Antivirus and Anti Spyware for Windows 7 / Vista suffered an attack on their website which as of this writing is still not repaired. I’ve attempted to reach the contacts their and let them know, but nobody is answering the technical contact telephone number.

In addition to modifying the home page, they have disabled all the downloads and insterted a . in front of the clickable links for trial download of AVG 8.

They are a high profile target to be sure and they are certainly not the first anti virus antispyware company to be hacked. Their products are still the best I’ve ever used and on Windows 7, not a single bug, not a single problem and all third party applications report the system as clean as well.

I still highly (yes my mother uses it) reccomend their AVG 8 for Windows Vista and Windows 7 Beta.

See if it’s still hacked and if not, download the NEW AVG 8 FREE TRIAL becuase it’s fantastic


i am facing this problem too with my avg free home edition

I found AVG no good for malwares so i shifted to ESET NOD32, why dont you give it a 30 day trial until AVG fix there problem

I am still facing update problem

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I am still facing update problem

Did you try reinstalling it. Such software bugs usually disappear after a fresh install.

After reinstalling its working now thanks

After reinstalling its working now thanks