Atom 330 Dual Core

Hey guys, web results are turning up nothing. Is this processor available in pakistan as of yet?

its for laptops. i dont think you can buy it separately

No, the atom 330 comes integrated onto an Intel 945GCNL2 Motherboard which is designed for desktops. The laptop version is the N270. I know the Atom 220 is available and own one but i need the 330 version. I am also not interested in other C2D's and etc as im using this for a torrentbox designed to use the least energy and to be attached to a UPS.

I recommend not to buy ATOM as its not that powerful. Try Celeron or AMD instead

Again, i want to reiterate that I do not need power.

I have seen posters of ATOM in techno city and UNI plaza. Why dont you check it out yourself.

I have seen many posters too but most are for Atom 230. Also I am not in Karachi. Peshawar city. Guess it isnt in Pakistan yet.

PEople here still dont know about ATOM yet, may be thats why its not shipped yet. The older ATOMs are here, but this one , i dunno