ATM machine helps against robbery

i receivd this msg 2day. i want 2 confirm,is it corect?

"If u r evr forced by a robber to take money out of an ATM machine, enter ur pin in revrse ordr. suppose ur no. is 1234, entr 4321. the atm machine will giv u money but will recgnize dis as a cal 4 help & will alert the police.

dis option is 4 all ATM machines but few ppl know"

Its useless... someone already posted a similar topic here few days back.

IMO this thread should b closed.

Man in so much will you be able to type the code in reverse order.Its very hard.

good info.

what if i have a pin like 4444 or 1221 etc . . .?

its a rumour dont take it seriously!

there is no ATM software which has this capability

i used to have 4444 as my ATM pin, how could system recognize that i am entering this in NORMAL or Adverse circumstances?

Already discussed.

Save your life. Give the money. Live for another day. Use common-sense that this "reverse pin-code" is stupid.

This topic is popping up frequently lately. Twice here on WP and the other day it was in the editorials section in DAWN. This is a nice theoretical notion that has a really high chance of failing in Pakistan even if it is implemented somehow. Not to mention, as someone mentioned upthread, this won't work for a palindrome used for a PIN number.

Same topic discussed:

f i have a PIN # 4856 and put it in reverse order - still the money comes out?????

I simply don't understand. This means the basic notion of USER AUTHENTICATION is totally compromised right!

Although this thread can initiate a possible response in the future (intelligent thinking for a rightful cause) in some manner but for now...we're still in the thinking phase...


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