Asus p5n73-cm

i got this board with an e5200 recently... now the problem is that i have failed to install the built in audio... whenever i tried to install .. it says "hd audio device" not found... i guessed maybe i have not installed some chipset drivers... but i don't know i tried to install whatever was on the motheboard cd.... if anyone knows about this problem then tell me so.... i will report back after i have tried vista....

Is on-board audio device activated in BIOS? I have used ASUS motherboards and some have options (in BIOS) to turn on or off the on-board audio, network, modem devices.

well i have checked the bios several times... there are two options for it... auto and disabled.... and it is on auto... the bios needs to flashed or maybe i need to get the lateast chipset drivers or something...

^ Try getting latest drivers from ASUS website.

oh man no use ..... suggest something else... already done all the latest chipset and other drivers.... no use... i have no other ideas also... could it be that the audio device is damaged?? i am getting an uknown pci device in the device manager... so what could it be... i thought it could be chipset drivers but i have installed whatever drivers i could find

If there is an unknown PCI device and all other devices have their drivers except Audio then it could be audio device. Much more possible that you are not installing correct driver or in correct way.

Try to click on Update Driver (in properties of that unknown device) and select INF file in driver folder.

i tried that... i actually would have done that... but the drivers for the cd are in setup files so there is no extracted inf file.... i mean it isn't the first time i have installed stuff you know... and it ain't that difficult as this thing is making out to be...

it should be simple... install chipset drivers and then install the audio drivers... i have intstalled the chipset drivers which are working fine.... but when i install the drivers then it says "we couldn't fine any hd audio" or something like that... i don't really care about this audio device but the thing is that i use a tv tuner card so i need something with a line in slot as i use usb headphones..

i have aus mobo as well as a pixelview tv tuner card and a pciexpress 8670 hd ati card

i dont install the audio driver at all because apparently the pciexpress can also output audio so it gives me a conflict.


i take out my pci express card, tv tuner card, format my hd and install audio drivers, then it works fine,

then i put in my cards and install these other devices, and i just let the asus cd install whatever it want (there will be a option for on asus driver cd , install all or such)

the device manager still says that i have a audio device conflict, i just ignore that ,,,but my line slots work.

try this if you can