Asus DVD Writer Not recognizing burned dvds


I am dual boot vista and xp, and the problem is there with both. 90% of the time when I put a dvd in, windows says its a blank dvd when it isnt. The dvd works fine in 3 other computers. I'm totally lost, the drive is new, worked fine for a few weeks.


try using a lens cleaner


@ yotoy82

There are problems with new Asus DVD Writers. Ask Asad for his experience :P

On serious note, if it is not a hardware problem then I suspect it's firmware problem.

If drive is in warranty then try to replace it. If not in warranty then try to update firmware (bit risky, can brick drive).

If still doesn't work and cleaning etc. doesn't help then it means your drive has spent its life. Instead of trying to repair it, get new one.


Do Not Buy ASUS DRW-1814BL!

It might just be a lens issue. Open the drive up and clean the lens, if it is out of warranty.


the sony dvd sriter written dvds are often not read by asus drw 1814


its not more than a month old, do they come with warranties?


^ 10 months to a year.


cool thanks


@ yotoy82

You'll need to show original receipt to claim warranty. At least, that's a common rule in Pakistan. But still they can take from 1 day to 1~2 months to replace your hardware :(


ya, they always make you run around and test it themselves and send you here and there so pathetic. I wish i had read other posts about asus before buying such a junk. I had some good luck with a sony one for 2 years before it failed. I thinking of getting a samsung or LG one next time


check their website maybe there's a FirmWare update .


ya, got the firmware update and installed it oct 2008 still no luck unfortunately.


i always stick to sony for optical drives and they never disappoint


^ I have used Asus, Liteon, Creative, Toshiba (few others) for x-ROM drives. But for writing its always Sony. Never had a problem.


these days you never know what your getting in the market, cheap crap in bulk from china. my theory... if the box/packaging looks cheap, then the rest might as well be too