Assasins Creed 2 And COD Modern Warfare 2 has been Announced!

It has been a great news for the gamers that in 2009....Two More Action and Thrilling Tiltles will be launched! Yes! I m talking about Assasins Creed 2 and COD Modern Warfare 2...! Both are in progress and i think both will be launched in Fall 2009!

Assasins Creed and COD Modern Warfare both have received a high graph in gaming industry and gamers are also expecting the same thrill and action advanture level in these both titles again...........And i think this time again Ubisoft and Activision will set high graphs of Records in their super titles....! Let s c and wait...!

wow gr8 news indeed

AC 2 is old story...

go to their site and u ll find a teaser...



ya man i heard of them really looking forward to them esps assassin's creed 2 ..... what about yous?

MW2 gameplay footage:

this game is gonna be sweet!

COD MW2 E3 09 Detail:

CoD6 is getting unveiled at the E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Convention on Tuesday. This will be a rare early look of Call of Duty 6. It seems the studio is putting some finishing touches to the game.

The game is like one of its seemingly impossible missions. Players as an elite fight specialist will follow the task force leader Captain "Soap" MacTavish. He climbs a sheer ice floe in the land of Kazakhstan.

The sound of the crunch louds as the ice ax and crampons penetrate the frozen cliff face. Players will, in the game, attempt a death-defying leap, a gap in a cliff ledge. When the players fall, McTavish grabs on and pulls to safety.

On its way, players also join in Black Hawk Down-style urban fight in the towns of Rio de Janeiro. There are also infiltration in Afghanistan cave camp and of course wage underwater battles.