Are You Getting ALL of World CALL Digital Channels?

If you are a WC Digital cable subscriber and you

are getting less than 59 channels at this time, I

will tell you how you can get the rest of them.

Pick up your digital cable remote right now:


01. Go to Menu --> Installation --> List Search

02. Put in Start Frequency as 650 (MHz) and

End Frequency as 999.0 (MHz).

03. Then go down to Start Search and click on it.


When I called WorldCall helpline they told me to

use the frequency range 770 - 818 MHz. That

takes out about a Dozen channels from your line-

up, as you get 8 channels on 690 MHz alone!

Why would they misguide folks like that ?. I don't know.

Maybe it's in their "jeans" to be mean.




Sheikh 'P.S.A' Chilli




does it work guys ?