Are we going to run out of Oil?


As per the news item mentioned above, government banned import of petroleum products in the fear of depleting foreign exchange reserves and the ban still continues till IMF aid reaches our account.

However, this report shows that by december petrol stocks may shrink to a critical level, sufficient only for three days. Diesel stocks by this time would have fallen to a level of seven days.

Even if government allows the import, it would take between four and six weeks to reach the shipments to our ports.

“The government needs to allow import in hours, not days or weeks,” an official of an oil marketing company told Dawn.



PSO diesel, petrol stocks may exhaust by end of month


wow!!!!!another gr8 news for pakistan.....ppp rocks.......ppp wants to take pakistan to such extent where no one has ever reached


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wow!!!another gr8 news for pakistan…ppp rocks…ppp wants to take pakistan to such extent where no one has ever reached

They already did & now they are moving it further :D


Pakistan has become used to it!!

So no shock!!!!:|


wt fffff whats happening :o


same old story.. but different way. NO WONDER!


I bet even school children may run country better and may avoid blunders like these.


Relax..Its not true..


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Relax…Its not true…

ali100… what makes you say this. Have you not read the artilces on links mentioned above. For you reference pls check these links again:

I have not seen any clarification in the media. If you are aware of any clarification, pls share it with us.


they have allowed 'urgent' import...


Lets keep our fingers crossed..... PSO's request for petrol import has been turned down: