Apple Unveiled Iphone 4

@KA: The 114,000 iPad users info being stolen was the fault of AT&T, not Apple as far as I can tell.

Motorola's pushing for 2GHz mobile processors by the end of the year. I wonder if iPhone will be able to keep up with Android phones.

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@KA: The 114,000 iPad users info being stolen was the fault of AT&T, not Apple as far as I can tell.

Did I say some thing like that it’s Apple’s fault? I think No! I just listed it.

It’s right at the story’s tag line that it’s AT&T and they apologized for that with a statement that the flaw has been fixed… Any how… I actually do an overview of the story before I post it.

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Motorola’s pushing for 2GHz mobile processors by the end of the year. I wonder if iPhone will be able to keep up with Android phones.

I have made up my thought that what else around the world happens in the sale of other phones with other platforms… What ever… they grow up or down… But iPhone is just beating its own older versions and not having any thing to beat with others. What I think, Apple is following a straight path what they have made for their selves. They are just not putting their heads to think about the #$%# what other manufacturers are giving in their mobile devices. Its just not to their concerns.

They started with iPhone2G (not after seeing the features already in other devices on that time) and then they just upgraded with some extended hardware and features in iPhone 3G (again they didn’t try to beat up other devices and just gave a replacement of their own older device) and later the iPhone 3GS (one more upgraded version of their own device without considering the wolrdwide market demand) and now the same with iPhone 4… I would say it’s good. Because why they have to consider what other devices are giving? they just concern to sell in limited countries in a limited way.

And most of the all, Fortunately Apple knows it that their users, the users of iPhone are just sticked to iPhone. What ever they got in that iDevice, they will surely buy it.

^I'm just adding to it, I'm not arguing with you. I read it from some other source, hadn't opened your link, sorry.

iPhone still has some sortof a monopoly in smartphone OSes, in USA and other developed countries. Until their monopoly is threatened, they're not going to look around and see what they're phone/platform is missing and what the people want.

^ Opss! not at all, that's really not a problem. I just cleared my side thanks :)

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3GS will get multitasking cause the hardware can support, while the 3G will not.

Technology changes everyday. You won’t complain if the latest games don’t run on a Pentium 3…???

Also if you follow Apple’s keynotes, they always say they want to do things “right”, not just cause they are popular to do. Remember Apple only came into cell phone business 3 years ago. While Nokia and so many more have been at it for decades, then how come all the touch screen, music store, app store business models are coming up now?

Seriously i am not biased towards Apple regardless of what they make, but if you follow them closely you would get to understand the brand better. I am not saying Apple is perfect, no company or product can be. There will always be room for “more”.


okay i m already interesred in Apple iPhone 4 and i do think it is a good device but i wont pay like 1 lakh or more for a phone just cuz it is policy of Apple to over charge…

simply saying i bought 5800 for 25k n i was fully satisfied by its price n performance… i felt deep inside my mind tht i got exactly what i paid for or sometime even i think i got it cheaper…

but whenever i think about Apples products n i compare it to products having same features but much lower price tag i think buying an iPhone wud be like wasting my money cuz the features are not really worth charging tht much…

thts where i hate Apple the most…

My dad always says جب تک بیوکوف زندہ ہیں سیانے بھوکا نہیں مر سکتے

same for Apple smarties :P

Just a little tidbit :rolleyes:

During Steve Jobs' keynote speech at WWDC 2010 in San Francisco earlier this week, he particularly made note that the glass display in the iPhone 4 was much more durable and less likely to crack than all previous iPhone hardware iterations. As a result, many of the company's fans, investors and stockholders were pleased by the news and were promptly relieved to learn that the new device could withstand a higher amount of severe usage scenarios.

As of yesterday, however, reports have been flooding the Internet about a little science experiment that iFixYouri tried on the new display. The third-party solutions provider claims to have recently acquired an authentic iPhone 4 enclosure whose glass panel failed to withstand a mere three and a half foot drop above the ground. However, the company did not reveal the surface onto which the unit was dropped and it was not able to test an iPhone 4 with its internal hardware in tact – only an authentic enclosure with the official glass panel.

Read more here iPhone 4 Glass – Will it break? & iPhone 4 test images

watch this.. really true..

Nokia N8 is better than this icrap

i hate it the iphone 4 man it can not take .50 shot :(