Apple rejected GVA and Banned Khalid Sheikh's Team [UPDATED]

what the heck. Is this a reliability what Apple gives to its Customers ???????? or they just wanna be unique being inside their selves????

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Official Google Voice App Blocked from App Store

Posted on 28 July 2009

Yesterday Apple removed all Google-voice related iPhone apps from the App Store, and they also rejected the official Google Voice iPhone application. They are saying that the Google Voice apps “duplicate features that come with the iPhone”. Unfortunately due to Apple’s strict App Store policies, we will never see a Google Voice App on the App Store.

A Google Spokesperson has told us the following:


Not only Apple.... :)

It's monopoly of AT&T

Ohhh. It happens not only in Pakistan to block some thing to keep another thing alive....

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Not only should we be blaming Apple for rejecting the Google Voice app, but we should be blaming AT&T as well. John Gruber from Daring Fireball says that Google Voice apps are banned from the App Store because of AT&T:


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Apple Bans iPhone Developer

Khalid Shaikh and his team of 26 employees have submitted over 900 applications to the App Store. That is a very huge amount of apps from one company. Unfortunately none of these 900 applications were of good quality. Shaikh and his dev team didn’t care about the quality of the apps, they just cared about making as much money as possible. Instead of pricing their apps as 99 cents each, Shaikh priced them $4.99 each. Mobile Crunch estimates that he earned thousands of dollars per day from sales until he got banned.

On Friday, July 24 Apple revoked Sheikh’s developer license and removed all his apps from the App Store. It’s not because of the quality of apps that Shaikh got banned, but it’s because he had copyright issues with a lot of applications. Apple did the right thing by banning him. Imagine if Apple had to check through each and every app for copyright issues, that would really slow down the approval of apps.

Unfortunately Shaikh is not the only iPhone Developer who is flooding the App Store with cheap quality apps. Brighthouse Labs, the company with the most iPhone apps in the App Store has over 2,000 apps for 99 cents and seems to have copyright issues just like Shaikh did. Their apps are still up in the App Store and judging by the reviews of some apps it doesn’t look like people like them.

What do you think about Shaikh getting banned? Do you think he deserved it? Have you come across other iPhone developers doing the same thing?



Full Story at Mobile Crunch

Khalid’s apps list :ohuge list of apps. takes time to load fully.

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Apple has had more than its share of bad luck this summer. (Exploding iPods, Chinese Foxconn Employee Suicide, Palm Pre Compatibility Wars, Google Voice App Issue and lastly Eric Schmidt (CEO Google) resigning from the board of Apple). But even during this recession it has managed to make a good amount of profits.