Apple Iphone Vs Blackberry

Is apple iphone is user friendly mobile or blackbarry OR WHICH ONE IS COOL GADGET????????

Blackberry is a cool gadget. Buy it!

Try Google Android G1

(IS IT AVAILABLE IN PAKISTAN?)What is its price In Uk?


No Comparison between TWO. both are Best on their own characteristics

Compare Blackberry with E61,E61i or E62. (Blackberry is really the best)


compare iPhone with N97. (N97 is not yet arrived, but will beat iPhone what I think.)

If u are considering user friendliness then iphone is way ahead of blackberry

^ Depends on what you mean by user friendliness. The iPhone touch screen keyboard is a pain to use especially if you have big hands!

Well i phone is the best phone ever.

Its main features are great for a common person.

Like music, screen and games etc.

Both have their own specific features

They are far away from comparison

I own Both and love iphone.....its the coolest gadget ever invented